The SECRET To Stop Blundering Your Pieces In Chess

In this video I explain a method to stop blundering your pieces in chess. I use it all the time, and I think everyone else should too, especially in the lower ratings. This is episode 2 of my speedrun to 2000 and in this episode I’m rated 500. Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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  1. Wonderful video and great explanations on core concepts. Very well done !😊

  2. Im about 470 and I dont know how or why but people with score 510-550 are sooo much better than me. I started to think they are cheating somehow! I belive the word you were trying to say was shenanigans.

  3. The content is super helpful. The moments in these videos I struggle to understand are around 2:00. She says she knows it's defended, but "just to make sure" she captures. What does "just to make sure" in this context mean? For example, why not continue developing if your pieces are well defended, instead of jumping to the other end of the board to exchange? This is a simple example, but is an outlier in otherwise very thorough descriptions of the positions. Thanks again for the knowledge sharing!

  4. Yes Anna, say it, you were just waiting for your opponent to blunder😂😍

  5. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 🏹 Preventing Blunders in Chess
    – Placing all your pieces on defended squares is crucial.
    – Example: Develop pieces, like the Bishop on Meme number two, only to defend them in subsequent moves.
    – Critical: Avoid placing pieces where they're not defended initially.
    01:09 🏰 Development is Key
    – Emphasizes the importance of developing pieces towards the center.
    – Demonstrates a game strategy by developing Knights and Bishops before castling.
    – Focus: Develop towards the center and prioritize piece coordination.
    03:13 🤔 Critical Thinking in Chess
    – Explores the concept of threat assessment when considering moves.
    – Illustrates the potential consequences of moving a piece to the opponent's side.
    – Advocates for considering how many times a piece is attacked when planning moves.
    05:29 🌐 Exploiting Opponent Mistakes
    – Highlights the strategy of patiently waiting for opponents to blunder.
    – Shows exploiting opponent mistakes by opening up tactical opportunities.
    – Encourages a strategic approach and identifying opponent weaknesses.
    08:43 🌟 Calculation Method in Chess
    – Introduces the "checks, captures, and attacks" calculation method.
    – Demonstrates applying the method to identify potential tactical opportunities.
    – Emphasizes the importance of calculating moves systematically in chess.
    10:50 🏰 Benefits of Early Castling
    – Stresses the significance of early castling for king safety.
    – Shows how early castling can prevent potential threats and exploitation.
    – Reinforces the idea that castling early contributes to overall game safety.
    13:03 🤺 Tactics in the Endgame
    – Demonstrates endgame strategies with a focus on pawn promotion prevention.
    – Illustrates effective use of rooks to cut off opponent's king movements.
    – Highlights the importance of avoiding stalemates in endgame scenarios.
    15:36 🎉 Successful Endgame Execution
    – Displays effective endgame execution with a material advantage.
    – Emphasizes the careful advancement of pawns to ensure checkmate opportunities.
    – Concludes with a reminder of key principles and piece safety.

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  6. I wanna score with Anna … haha Boing 🤣

  7. Excellent point. Never put a piece on an undefended square

  8. Failed to show any blunder example since opponent of 500 move like 1000+ 😂

  9. Super, the 500 payer also played very well ….. the great thing was I like the way you have explained the game and I now understand what is running in grandmasters mind when they are playing.
    Also when the timer was in about 6 seconds I would have played something even if it does not make sense… you were quite calm and played with confidence and still explaining… Wow… hats off to you !!!

  10. Super interesting! At 15:25 I don’t understand why we need the pawn, can’t we simply move our king to force the black king to retreat into the corner?

  11. Very good Anna, always use protection.. Of your Chess pieces

  12. since i stopped playing 6 years ago, just started again and my score dropped straight from 800something to 250, now i cant keep it over 400. i feel almost as s t u pid as our "president" who "isn't mentally fit to stand trial over the classified documents he stole". btw , he was no smarter 6 years ago when dems / fake news were cheering him on to be president & when he hid in his basement and forced people around him to cover their face & take shots & he took shots then caught covid anyway. im tired of being censored online for remembering this stuff.

  13. Bobby Fischer hated chess close to the end of his life. Said it was mostly memorization

  14. Calm and logical. I like it. Thank you!

  15. Anna's clock counting down is really stressing me out

  16. She makes me want to blunder my piece vigorously.

  17. Best lesson of this game was at the end where she avoided stalemate by promoting to the rare rook, so as not to pin the King without a move into check (stalmate). Very rare you don't choose either the Queen or a knight.

  18. No, there’s 100% chance I’m watching this channel to see you. I don’t even play chess.

  19. "At one point your opponent will blunder" Oh, thank you very much, that finally explains why I always lose when I play against myself. By the way I love your channel.

  20. That was fascinating. As an engineer you would think that I would just naturally think that way… but… I never have. I feel much more confident to try chess again (I haven't played for probably 40 years). Great presentation!

  21. Wow! Very informative and easy to understand. I am just an occasional player, and I will be putting into practice what I learned here.

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  23. Anna, i am a beginner chess player, at 61 years of age. This is the best lesson i have learned so far. I love all your videos, especially when they feature you with your parents. So entertaining.

  24. u r soooo cute thanks for the help 🙂

  25. Whenever I watch her videos I'm so distracted by how large her mouth is, and she's so expressive with her lips that she frequently opens her mouth extremely wide while talking. It's really hard to listen to what she's actually saying.

  26. 4:32 why not knight to b3, protecting the center pawn on d5 one more time and giving pressure to the pawn on c5?

  27. I am the 1% who is watching the video because you are cute 🙂

  28. Like always, you're awesome. Always have your pieces protected, and make your opponent blunder. Anna, you ought to get a toothpaste brand to be your sponsor your channel. Your smile is so beautiful. A clothing sponsor, too. Everybody loves you, and you will have a big influence.

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