The Sicilian Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. Awesome Gotham thanks I love the Sicilian opening as black but want to improve so thanks for the video

  2. I will pay you £10,000 for a chessly course on this

  3. i dont thionk it matters if you are going to play the sicilian against oponents your level. They wont know the theory aswell. I just love the sicilian, i am the most comfrtable w it and im always sad if white plays d4… The opening confuses opponents. Plus, isnt it better to grow up with the opening so youre better at it when better too? Idk. This opening is just way too fun.

  4. He is true o tried played sicilian in 800 range the result is very impressive for opponent 😂

  5. I played sicilian at 600 .but i beat computer at 1300 elo. i cant believe 😮

  6. This is really a Good Defense for those players ♟️

  7. I think some types of sicillian are ok early but some mainlines are just way to hard for a human brain

  8. Most important qeustion is what do for light square bishop he looks so sad trapped in their beginning.

  9. The Sicilian is overwhelming 😂 sincerely and 1100 player

  10. Is the Sicilian defense the best opening for black?!!

  11. I play the Sicilian and I’m 1800. I play the classical variation with much success

  12. 3 years later, would you consider making a video about hyper-accelerated dradon, pterodactyl variation???

  13. I thought humpty dumpty was on the thumbnail

  14. i’m sort of new to chess, well not really. anyway i just wanna know when you learn an opening like this is it like you learn all of them and just play in response or what you feel like or you learn one branch like the sicilian and essentially “one trick” it.

  15. I’m currently 8-1-1 with it in 700 blitz and I love it. Why wait till 2000? I’m never going to hit 2000 lol

  16. I used to be 300 elo then switched from Ruy López which I really respect until now to fried liver gambit and Vienna and other random opening I learned counters garbage trap or trick scholars mate kings indian attack,dutch scholars mate, and even Secilion dragon, Secilion acceleration, London system, English and etc. But the other one's that I know I'm not really good at like for example the London system, English, Caro-kann, Secilion,Dutch so I trained some of those the ones I did are Dutch but not so much then London System then it became my main on white got me to 500 elo then to 600 trained became a decent player At Caro-kann counters the other counter learned my self to counter the problems got me to 800 elo so now I'm a London System, Caro-kann,KIA user but then I got back to 650 moving up to 681elo which I'm currently in right now I've just started playing few weeks not even a month but close to a month by now I play at blitz not I'm learning Secilion and then I'm gonna get better at Ruy López

  17. Another alternative would be the King's Indian defence

  18. So what would you recommend Magnus to do if he wants a pat on the back and a hint on how to take his Sicilian further?

  19. I am tried to learnn Sicilian to beat my chess mate and i did not realise it has so many ways to play😭

  20. Budapest, London system and kings pawn are best. But for Sicilian defense stauton cochrane variation is best.

  21. Just found out that the Sicilian dragon is named after a constellation called Draco.

  22. anyone know a decent book that covers lots of variations? everything on amazon seems to be just one type of Sicilian and i dont want 15 books..

  23. I’m about 700 and I played a Sicilian French variation and it paid off 😅

  24. If players under 2000+ shouldn't use the Sicilian, what reply to e4 is recommended?

  25. I think this works well. Just not if your going against players too far above your own level.

  26. A video game called free fire.
    It's a good game but has a toxic community 😅

  27. Makes sense since he isn’t teaching he’s just saying random things. Anyway what do the horses do again

  28. Well, I'm not 2000. So, thank you for now wasting my time. I stopped watching this video at 0:18. If I wanted to be patronized online, I'd email my ex.

  29. Ok now explain it like your explaining it to a 10 year old

  30. if this is a tough opening to study what is a good option for a lower rated player to play against e4? Thank you

  31. I've been playing the Sicilian terribly for over a decade now.😢

  32. NGL I'm in the 800s rn and I'm so sick of seeing white play the Scotch game that I've just started playing the Cicilian as the default response to E4. So far it's working pretty well, I can tell a lot of players are thrown off because they only bothered to learn two E4 openings for White.

  33. I played Sicilian and now I'm 1200…this opening is fun but it has so many variations that it just fucks you up. If you still wanna play this you gotta remember everything

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