The TRICKIEST Chess Opening Ever! [Top 3 Traps]

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🔹 The BEST Chess Opening Against 1.e4 – Every Move is a Trap! –
🔹 The BEST Chess Opening Against 1.e4 | TRAPPIEST Gambit for Black –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the top 3 traps from one of the most trickiest chess openings for Black, the Rousseau Gambit from the Italian Game. It arises after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 f5.

Playing this dubious opening is so tricky. It will be extremely difficult for your opponents to figure out the right moves. There are so many traps and pitfalls, and one little inaccuracy by White can cost the game for them!

► Chapters

00:00 Trickiest Chess Opening: Rousseau Gambit
00:39 Trap-1: 5…d5 line
03:16 Brilliant queen trap
03:46 Trap-2: If White plays 4.d3 instead of 4.exf5
06:30 The f-pawn’s journey to promotion
07:29 Trap-3: If White plays 4.d4 instead of 4.exf5
09:28 Understanding how Black is better
10:23 Knight maneuver wins the game for Black
11:42 If White plays Nxh8

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  1. Thank you Igor, I have tried your tricks and it wonderful.

  2. I hate the way you are speaking. You don't know how to teach the chess moves. It looks like Police is behind you.

  3. after black pawn advance to E4, why doesn't white just play QE2?

  4. Unfortunately, none of my opponents followed these moves for white and I lost all games with this gambit 🙁

  5. GM Igor, this is really a deadly opening as Black can be brutal. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What would happen if after …g2 white instead responds with Ke2 or Kd2? The succeeding black moves will just smoke him out but there’s no mating threat and the white queen captures the promoted pawn preventing black from getting two queens. Black would be one piece down, could even become two piece down when Bxg8, in the end.

  7. Stockfish level 5 is smarter than your gambit. But it was fun to play.

  8. I've played chess for decades and like to teach according to my own views. I play the player not the pieces. If you want to figure out the moves, then first figure out the person and their moves are easy to predict. To me playing chess is like playing poker. It isn't the cards that win you the game. Basic strategy I call the cross. If you want to win the game you need to control the game. While anything is possible I play to control the central cross of 2 files wide around the center. If you control the center, you control the game. If you control the game you hold the initiative. I spent months in my room perfecting the middle battle. To break it you only have a limited number of options that lead to predictable outcomes. Knowing this they are easily countered. It is an attrition style but the losses of your foe of major pieces will favor you in the end game.

  9. Good I learn a lot in this video thanks sir for guiding

  10. A huge thank you Sir Igor, Rosseau Gambit really helped me climb up ratings ❤

  11. ECO says its unsound gambit. Good for 1700s only

  12. Getting afraid of playing chess because thinking too much and time run out very often.

  13. Around the 7min mark you say, white cannot capture because then black captures the rook. But white already has captured black's rook so how is the rook capture the end for white? Seems that white can accept the rook loss and then evade.

  14. Today I play chess but no one came that way. 😒

  15. Am amazed at how good a position this gambit gives black even if a quick win is not forthcoming.

  16. simple Q I seen your masterclass and lot of your video's but one thing does puzzle me. I like lot of openings fe but are useless because i have player against that willing to sac his bishop for knight, lot of games fall apart, you do control middelbord but miss the knight then to defent it and leter to make some danger even tho he sact his bishop, you can half secure your king to put on other color and in need force a stale mate. but how to respond if knight is taken

  17. Today only one tried this with me got mated in less than 30 moves so don't endorse any traps before understanding all the possible ideas.

  18. I love your videos, they are very interesting, educative and entertaining. Please continue.

  19. I swear I played kings gambit so long that I created that opening myself. Now everyone is learning it.

  20. What about after bishop c5 white plays bishop g7

  21. These patterns only work if your opponent does what you're doing. If they Playoff, it does not work.

  22. Learned a lot, but you said the only move for Q in 2:30 is G6 when F4 is actually a safe square. That's where I would've gone.

  23. I trying playing this gambit n get panic hahaha

  24. Guys, just note one thing. In the Ng5 line, white can draw the game by playing the move c3 with a three fold repetition by playing Qa4.

  25. Igor @2:45 doesn’t knight to e5 instead of d4 trap the queen immediately without needing to involve the bishop?

  26. Hi Igor, what advice would you give if after f5-d3 , Bc5-Kc3??

  27. been playing for 20 years and 1700 rating, never knew this, thanks

  28. ► Chapters

    00:00 Trickiest Chess Opening: Rousseau Gambit

    00:39 Trap-1: 5…d5 line

    03:16 Brilliant queen trap

    03:46 Trap-2: If White plays 4.d3 instead of 4.exf5

    06:30 The f-pawn's journey to promotion

    07:29 Trap-3: If White plays 4.d4 instead of 4.exf5

    09:28 Understanding how Black is better

    10:23 Knight maneuver wins the game for Black

    11:42 If White plays Nxh8

  29. I actually play this gambit alot. However it's never bad to refresh your theory. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!

  30. No matter how do your opponents respond with. All of them will be destroyed

  31. Hariananda Das, Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Spain says:

    Greetings, Master Smirnov, thanks for your videos. In this video that you have just posted, you can check the English subtitles since they do not appear, your videos can always be read the English subtitles but not in this video, can you please enable the English subtitles? Thank you

  32. I love Gambits, and this is certainly a good Gambit to learn, thanks for the video, very educational and entertaining.

  33. Brilliant counter opening sir… I request for more video, like other advance opening…godbless.

  34. I always thought the Russo Gambit was capturing Crimea and discovering your enemy allowed it? 😅

  35. if white takes exf5 then after e4 white can from what I have seen jump to like d4 and if black takes back then we have a devastating attack with the queen

  36. I've been playing the Rousseau for years with great success. The other day I checkmated a 2000 rated player on move 11.

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