The Unbeatable Bishop’s Opening (simple and powerful)

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you an interesting chess opening, the Bishop’s Opening, which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4. It is not a very popular opening line (compared to 2.Nf3 or 2.Nc3), nevertheless, it’s perfectly sound as you’re developing a piece and taking aim at the Black’s f7-pawn.

Additionally, by playing the Bishop’s Opening, you are dragging your opponent out of his/her opening preparation. Therefore, you can use this opening weapon to surprise your opponents. Most importantly, there are a lot of interesting aggressive and attacking lines that you can follow up with!

► Chapters

00:00 Bishop’s Opening 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4
01:05 Line-1: Black’s symmetrical 2…Bc5
03:04 Do NOT rush the exchange Nxd4
04:57 Play aggressively as White
07:36 Best way to improve at chess
08:34 Line-2: Black plays 2…Nc6
10:51 Be careful of 5.f4 if 4…Bc5
13:55 Line-3: Black plays 2…Nf6
14:11 Urusov Gambit 3.d4
16:06 Mainline: Black plays 3…exd4
17:58 Final line: If Black plays Nf6 correctly
19:39 Cool tactical combination
20:55 Conclusion: Solid & aggressive opening

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  1. Another thing with the bishop's opening, you can transpose to a reversed Petrov, therefore play also a reversed stafford gambit if you are familiar with Eric Rosen

  2. For the 3rd variation when bishop takes h7 and check the king, and white queen takes d5. How is that winning. The king can move to the corner and kill the bishop?

  3. Thanks for all of your chess-lessons. With your help I managed to improve my Lichess-rating up to 2000. Sincerely GdN

  4. Comunque tutti i giovani hanno dei narcisismi.
    Sono tendenzialmente presuntuosi.
    Ma non si può chiedere ad un ventenne certi livelli di umiltà e saggezza che vengono solo con l'esperienza.

  5. None of my opponents play according to this strategy 🥺

  6. Hi, I always run out of time with 10 minutes, but am usually ahead, which means my situational familiarity is lacking. Should I wait until I am consistently completing games in 10 minutes, before progression to those games?

  7. I feel like this doesnt work against the caro-kann

  8. Hi! What if black plays e6 and d5. It makes my bishop cornered and I have to retreat and my pawn on e4 can be taken? I'd appreciate someones help =)

  9. What is tempo gain or loose ? Plz explain in brief

  10. In the 5. … Nxe4 variation, after 6. dxe5 why can't black just play 6… Nc5 (?).

    Seems like black is pretty safe if (7. Bxf7+ , Kxf7; 8. Qd5+ , Ke8 and blacks knight is protected by the bishop on f8)
    Qd3+ and Qh5+ also seem to have similar results.
    Appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!

  11. Where I get screwed up is when people do things they’re not supposed to do.

  12. Looking at the variations not examined in this video, I realize the Bishop's opening is nothing to be feared in standard chess, although it should still be useful in blitz. Frankly, I would be nervous about playing it with the white pieces.

  13. U missed black PD4 which nullifies white opening

  14. These are interesting videos but your opponent usually does not make those moves. For example, one openig I was taught brings the center in control with two pawns backed by two nights. This worked for me once. After that my opponent advanced one pawn and tore me apart, over and over again. Most of the time I win by making incredible amatuerish moves.

    When I first started playing it was against a human, and we worked opposite shifts. When I first started playing against a computer I lost all the time, now I lose about 30 percent of the time, but computers are predicable. Each game last for about 4 minutes. The last person I played against claimed to be a 1400, whatever that means. He lost and refused to play again. My job is extremely disruptive. I think he was frustrated over the disruptions. So I guess my human score would be around -1.

    Keep up the videos, I like them.

  15. I just had this position with black captures with and after i sacrificed my bishop and took his. He gave up in 4 moves 😂🤣

  16. Why people thought in the past that chess players had some superlative intelligence is beyond me. They "play" the most rigged 3 card monty game their is. It's completely rigged with the advantage to who moves first. White. If they really wanted to take the game to a competitive level they would devise a format where black moves first. But no! They invent a 4 player version first. Anything but black moving first. What a joke these clowns are.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  17. Thank you for sharing great opening moves

  18. Hi, what if the black immediately responds with a6 and b5 threatening the bishop and force him to adjust, is it game over for the bishop's opening?

  19. Would have played 2…Nf6 as Black. If I had played Bc5 I would have played 3…Bxd4. 6…Nf6, 7… still Nf6,8…Kg7. 5 of first 8 moves aren't fab. I don't think it's anything I will ever come across unfortunately

  20. That s not working haha !!or maybe again a novice…

  21. Bro u have to teach us black side defence by white peace’s italiyan style

  22. Thanks man, these tactics work so well and are easy to learn.

  23. After the whites bishop opening why are you not talking about black developing the queen and moving it near to the epsilon pawn in front of the king?

  24. At 6:13 I thought b5 would solve all of white's problems!! WRONG!! After b5 white plays Bd3. Subsequently black doesn't dare to play Q×d5. See for yourself.

  25. I have followed other instructors but I find yours the best. Thank you.

  26. So my brother likes to open pawn e5 pawn d5 queen h4 or some similar variant and then developing his knights. I like this opening and follow through, it’s definitely going to catch him off guard. Can you play through some scenarios, I’d love to see how you tackle this.

  27. Hello GM Igor Smirnov – Thank you for the videos. Your teaching style is at the right pace and rhythm .Thanks for slowing down for others.

  28. At 4:10 in video knight E5 and knight F6, when you attack with pawn at F4, knight E5 can take bishop from C4 and get to safety

  29. What if they use the pawn to put pressure on the bishop

  30. Great advice! Won the very first game with this beautifully aggressive Bishop's opening.

  31. please add endgame stratwgy on your tutorial.

  32. What if Black moves Knight to H6 after White's Bishop to C4?

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