The Unbeatable Urusov Gambit – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz lectures on the Urusov Gambit in the Bishop’s Opening. Black had better be careful, or the white Queen and Bishop will be kicking him around.

Nikolay Semenovich Tereshchenko vs Georg Rotlewi, All Russian Amateur (1909): C43 Petrov, Urusov gambit
Yakov Isaevich Neishtadt vs NN, URS simul (1950): C43 Petrov, Urusov gambit
Boris Avrukh vs. Almira Skripchenko, 2001: C43 Petrov, Urusov gambit


  1. At 6:41 I completely lost my focus on the chess theory because I started wondering how someone in a wheelchair manages to get out that door with the chair between the door and the button.

    You win again, ADD.

  2. he well later discover the nakmansion gambit which is someting around this its his favorite in 2020

  3. He also deal with kids in his presentation 🧒 lol lovely job…❤️

  4. I just won with this but neither the Bishop nor the Queen did anything to pester my opponent's King. Oops. Go figure.

  5. hit or miss i guess they never miss huh

  6. It’d be nice if every now and then, when a teacher is showing us a new line, if they just showed the whole line before starting to interject alternative moves. It becomes overwhelming and frustrating. At a given point, the amount of alternate lines pile up in my brain and it wnds up being just confusing. Just show me how the original line goes and then we can go into the details of alternative moves each side can play.

  7. That Uruzov Gambit though beat Stockfish!!!

  8. 7:43 These are times Schrantz hadn't discovered Nakhmanson gambit yet! (Anyone who has payed attention knows that he now likes Nc3! instead of Re1.)

  9. so interesting to follow this class, nice teaching from the Master

  10. He used the word "mayhem" when talking about chess.

  11. Wait a minute. This is not a Battleship board.

  12. TheAndrewJohnson OfficialMusicChannel says:

    This is the video that started his addiction

  13. why do we need to see you??? and not just the board.
    does this add anything to learning ??

  14. I hate the word "material" used in chess, it should be some other word with more respect towards chess pieces

  15. If you are going to teach people how to play chess. Do them all a favor and stop teaching people how to play chess.

  16. 46:47 I think knight on e4 is probably the best move? No? Knight can take on F2 after pawn takes pawn and then follow that up with a check after king takes knight winning the bishop right?

  17. whos here in 2020 when stockfish 11+ absoultly rips apart the urusov

  18. Had a feeling that every single Urusov position ends up as better for black

  19. you like it? he likes et . Definately got me there

  20. 17:29 knight takes black bishop, (white bishop is pinned). Blk queen takes knight on g5 queen takes queen pawn takes queen, white knight c7 fork rook and king?

  21. This video is all about the beauty of chess! Wonderful

  22. 8:56…. Ya, I'm cool with transposing into the Danish. In fact, I think I prefer the Danish through transposition than by attempting it outright.

  23. what do i do if after Pe4, Pe5, Bc4 he plays Qh4 ?
    i am currently trying it out against bots before i play real ppl and the 1300 bot play QH4 every time and every time i played it out i get draw or lose so idk what i'm doing wrong

  24. Been a while since I watched a Schrantz lecture. Forgot just how good he is.

  25. At 5:10 or 5:11 why is it better to develop the knight than to trade queens and either make their knight retreat or mess up their castling queen side?


  26. 9:11 lets me know exactly how awful I am at this game… This is what it looks like when black is winning?

  27. 2 minutes in and I'm already confused. He moves so many pieces back and forth saying you could do this and that or the other thing. I thought we were learning one opening? Why is this so confusing? Anyone have a good source for learning how to play chess that's simpler than this, but not obvious stuff like "keep your pieces defended"?

  28. I opened in one of my games after seeing this lesson on Urusov Gambit and I lost terribly, i opened e4, blk played e5, next Bc4, then all was lost for me blk played Qh4, I went over the game and i think my best move SHOULD have been Nc3, can I get any help regarding the Qh4 move

  29. The fanatical ceiling compatibly trace because eight critically hunt as a nondescript talk. vigorous, sad musician

  30. "Creepy crawlies? I just came from there, no sign of them."

  31. 29:55 Bishop g6 ? if Qh6 Nf5 Trade Queens? if Rg1 Qd7 threatening Nf5 and if Rxg6 fxg6 the Queen helps out. With two Rook sacs from white Black should has material compensation for his open King right? Does that work?

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