This Chess Opening WINS 100% of the Time


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  1. We could also call it the J.B. scandinavian :p #team scandi 😉

  2. Bro needs to get the kidnappers rent too now!

  3. I hate the fact that when i play a opening, Gotham makes a video about it, and now i cant play it cause every one knows about it

  4. Can you make a short or something on the leonhardt gambit because there's not many videos from blacks perspective

  5. I'm don't like how levy keeps getting away with these obvious click baits.

  6. another bait
    it's only one line, and everything else is just normal scandi

  7. The free samples are actually legit valuable. At least for me hovering around 1000.

  8. great video, used this opening 10 times. 1/10 times my enemy took the pawn. Lost 100 elo

  9. 4-50 knight e4 if you take queen i take horsie with check, and the take your queen, if you dont take queen i take your horse and then bishop.. and all that is bad 4 you

  10. Am going to try and play this tomorrow in a classical game against an FM. Wish me luck 😉

  11. Love your videos. Thanks for the opening I will try and learn it to improve my game

  12. Why is this the “Gotham Scandi” this just looks like the normal Scandi

  13. Nahh my 300 elo skills laughing so hard after a read video name

  14. Bro your next move should be to shave your head , we can see your forehead opening

  15. @GothamChess Fantastic game against Fabi. That is seriously impressive!

  16. 7:30 after white plays Qe2 and d5 it’s +2 for white sometimes you missed

  17. Linguistic pedantry query: Why do you say,’…”rotate” the Queen to the edge of the board…’? Is the Queen spinning? Is it moving in a circular path?

  18. There's just one problem, my opponent is also watching this 😢

  19. As soon as levy review a trap, or an unknown opening, it loses all it's potential

  20. Seriously the free samples are SUPER in depth and so much knowledge, really worth it and amazing he offers it for free

  21. “It’s clickbait, it doesn’t work all the time”

  22. Everyone now playing the Scandinavian online…

  23. I lost to Stanley from chessmaster 9k. But he'll see after I watch this.

  24. This opening branches out to a worst playing positions , without any doubt this opening is not better for black if your elo is between 1000-2000

  25. My favorite opening as black! I never really knew what I wanted to do as black until I started playing this opening a few months ago. It feels so natural to me with the combination of early aggression followed by basically every best move being what you'd think based on the usual principles. Besides that (at least until now) it seems most people at my level (~900) are not used to this from the white side and end up playing all kinds of goofy stuff that leads to me being much more comfortable in the position than they are. Thanks for exploring this one, Gotham! Happy to see that we like to play it in similar ways 🙂

  26. 4:12
    If white then plays bishop e2 attacking blacks bishop, do you just take?

  27. ALERT 🚨🚨I played with this op and this 100% increased to 9.999999😂

  28. Can confirm it wins me 100% of the games I played which is exactly one.
    The game was so chaotic and I only remembered half of the moves. At the end, my opponnent probably misclicked and make a blunder, then eventually resigned.

    So yea, can confirm it works but I'm probably not ready yet to play it again

  29. It, ……… could,………wwwwooooooooorrrrkkkkkkk!!!!!! and I just tried it and it worked!!! hahahaah!!!!!!!haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….

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