This Opening Got Me to 1500

Love it or hate it, the London has been my tried-and-true opening since I started playing chess two years ago. In this video, I’m using four of my own London games as a case study for understanding this opening and other insights as I climbed from 800-1500 in rapid games.





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00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Game 1 (788)
08:00 – Game 2 (960)
11:54 – Game 3 (1270)
14:46 – Game 4 (1530)
18:24 – Thanks for watching

Original outro music by Nela Ruiz

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  2. I recently hit 1550 rapid and i play london as white about half the time. Did you notice the london being tougher to play past 1500?

  3. Hopefully you'll cover how you play as Black!

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