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πŸ”Ή 1…Nc6 opening for Black –

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares a simple, universal, and aggressive chess opening for White: the move 1.Nc3, known as the Van Geet or Dunst Opening, guaranteed to surprise your opponents!

This opening is easy to learn, involving the repetition of the same set of moves. It works well against 1…d5 and 1…e5 by Black, the most common responses.

The best part? White gains a winning advantage within just 10 moves in the top two most played variations.

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 Simple & Universal Chess Opening for White
00:08 1.Nc3 – Van Geet (Dunst) Opening
00:36 1) 1…d5 by Black
01:43 Win in 5 moves in the most played lines
03:36 85% win rate in 2nd most played line
05:13 2) 1…e5 by Black (Reversed Nimzowitsch)
07:14 If Black exchanges with Nxd4

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  1. β–Ί Chapters

    00:00 Simple & Universal Chess Opening for White

    00:08 1.Nc3 – Van Geet (Dunst) Opening

    00:36 1) 1…d5 by Black

    01:43 Win in 5 moves in the most played lines

    03:36 85% win rate in 2nd most played line

    05:13 2) 1…e5 by Black (Reversed Nimzowitsch)

    07:14 If Black exchanges with Nxd4

  2. Already Know It Is Gonna Be Great ❀

  3. Interesting. This one had never been on my radar. It would be helpful to know how to defend against it. In the 1 . . . d4 line, perhaps an early h6 by Black?

  4. Surprising opening system, thanks πŸŽ‰β€

  5. Cool opening, thanks for showing it❀

  6. Moving a piece more than once in the opening is questionable, this requires more study.

  7. This is excellent, Igor — this is why I am subscribed to your newsletter! BTW, which chess engine GUI are you demonstrating this (I noticed you turned on Stockfish which doesn't look familiar to me). Thank you, sir!

  8. Yes,yes,yes, about time a GM looked at the Van Geet/ Dunst opening. Move 4, knight f3 or knight g3? Problem with Knight g3, black h5! Knight e7 blunder. Only one person I've seen on chess cam, plays this opening, me, Kenworthy πŸ™‚ or Lichess Kenners50, Thank you for looking at this!

  9. This looks like the opposite version opening for black that you made

  10. I've encountered this. Went black grob and he went knight f3. I moved my pawn again

  11. If I were black I'd pin the knight to the Queen when those knights are next to each other and they can't push a pawn to kick my bishop away.

  12. I think i can't play this. Because I am a principle guy and it’s not my type of playing style. But I love you standard opening tricks and traps.

  13. Big fan of these universal openings for black and white, they are really great fallback options for when the stander repertoire starts to fail or gets stale.

  14. Very interesting aggressive moves…great

  15. Hi Igor. Can you please do a video on how to stop being passive. I seem to always be defending, even when I'm white 😭

  16. Interesting opening. Thanks for sharing.

  17. If they play d5 I play Jobava and if they play e5 I play Vienna, absolute W for me

  18. Missed the class in pawn structure πŸ˜‚

  19. Ive learned a lot from you..thanks god ive found your chanel

  20. I don't really wanna face this as Black.
    Can you do a video about playing against the Nc3 opening?

  21. "That covers the move d5." No, it really doesn't. When Igor mentions that that "most of the time," Black plays c5 on move 4, that is only 29% of the time, yet he doesn't cover any of the other moves, including Nc6, which is the correct move according to Stockfish and the 2nd most common at 25%, nearly equal to c5. After Nc6, White plays the same Nf3 as in the video, and Black responds with h5, preparing to march his pawns on the king side and attack the knights. White will usually reply with h4, which is the move Stockfish recommends, and Black's best move Nge7. At this point, Stockfish shows Black with a significant advantage (-0.6), and the Lichess database shows Black winning 72% of the time to White's 24%.

    That is a common problem with videos of this type. They only show you how to win against an opponent who doesn't know how to play the opening, and they don't show you the best moves against someone who does.

  22. It will be interesting to see if Magnus plays this soon, then we know for sure he is following. It's also called the Dunst opening along with several other names.

  23. Yoo GM Igor! πŸ‘‹
    Your videos are thorough! You do a great job explaining.πŸ»πŸ™Œ
    I’m a newbie to chess and trying to take on a lot at the moment, if you had to choose out of 2 or 3 openings each for white and black what would be your recommended ones to master? I’ve wrote a list of the best ones I’ve found through watching your vids πŸ€™ i would like to focus on 4 while I’m learning. What do you think from this list? Thanks again Igor, I look forward to your reply.

    -Van Geet (Dunst)/Reversed Nimzoswitsch
    -Bishops Opening
    -Kings Indian Setup
    -London System or Colle Zukertort
    -English Opening
    -Italian Game/Fried Liver Attack
    -Vienna Opening
    -Ruy Lopez

    -Nimzoswitsch Defence
    -Kings Indian Setup combined Pirc Defence
    -French Defence
    -Caro Kann Defence
    -Scandinavian Defence
    -Sicilian Defence

    Kind regards, elKarso

  24. I love this! Great stuff! I will need to watch it a few times

  25. There are transpositional issues to consider after 1 Nc3 d5 2 e4 de4 3 Ne4 Black chooses the opening here: …e6 is a French; …c6 is a Caro Kann. White is locked in to Nc3 main lines against these popular defences. One might as well play 1. e4.

  26. I’ve tried this opening about 50 times now and I am getting more e5 and d5 moves. I do see a lot of c6 and Nc6. Any recommendation for those? This is a useful opening and having already been a Vienna player, I like Nc3 for that reason as well. Good video, very practical.

  27. This does not work. I set shredder to 1150 ELO and it destroys that opening.

    I keep watching all of your formations and ideas, but they seem to lose. Against even 800 ELO setting.

    Maybe I am just that bad, but.. every single thing I keep seeing literally makes my play worse, not better.

  28. Another brilliant instructional video, but seems a bit rushed. I found setting playback speed to .75 made it a little easier to follow. πŸ™‚

  29. Igor, I’ve been a fan of your videos for a year or two now. Last night I watched this Van Geet opening video before playing my weekly game against my nephew and regular opponent who usually wins (score to date 100 wins to him, 43 to me). After 40 minutes and 14 moves he resigned. It worked out just the way you predicted. Thank you. You’re a star.

  30. 6:27 what if bishop C8 open, then how can we break the diagonal (Qd8, BishopC7 and Knight d6)?

  31. With me people take out knights at the beginning and this plan fails

  32. Nice, in a practical way it probably me means you can often transpose into a vienna (which is my main opening) without having to risk facing the sicilian in exchange for studying the reversed nimzowitch line which Inalready play with black. So basically an improved way for my opening game

  33. Unless I overlooked it, in the line: Nc3 d5 e4 d4 Nce2 e5 Ng3… black can constrict white's light square bishop with Be6 and a6, thus after Ng3, Be6 c3 a6!, but instead you only gave c5.

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