Top 10 Best Chess Openings For White : Chess Statistics for Beginners

★★★Hello Everyone and welcome to my Video Which contains the top 10 best chess openings for white according to chess statistics. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to comment down below and if you liked this video, like this video!

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Here’s the Best Chess Openings for White!

1. Queens Gambit
2. Kings Indian Attack
2. English Opening
4. Ruy Lopez
5. Ponziani Opening
5. Four Knights Defence
5. Gioccu Piano
8. Bishops Opening
9. Benko Opening
9. Blackmar Diemer Gambit

Try playing these openings more and see if your win percentage improve!
Remember! Play Gambits to Reach more Tactically Rich Positions!

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  1. Hi Everyone! Some of you think that these statistics misses the possibilities of transposing into other openings. I agree with you. Also these statistics aren't super accurate. It just shows to beginner players/newcomers the openings that score bad/good statistically. Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

  2. Please what is the song playing at the very end of the video?

  3. good vid and does anyone want to help me count his voice cracks?

  4. i think that the error margin is too high to make assumptions.

  5. i liked that music at the end of the video. what song was that?

  6. You cannot accurately predict who is going to win in the opening moves of a chess game.

  7. I like the Lolli opening, and in general e4 openings.  I started out playing queen's gambit when i was young, but now prefer the options available with e4.  YMMV. 

    And in black, I like Sicilian, French, Traxler Counterattack if they try anything that smacks of a Fried Liver.  I sac my black bishop to force the White King to move.  Not for everyone.

  8. The winning percentage it not an indicator without considering the number of games played for an opening.

  9. Stockfish disproves of the majority of openings and winning percentages…

  10. Queen's Gambit. First opening my dad told me about

  11. I always thought the four knights defense was part of the Ruy Lopez. I always preferred having the extra protection of the knight before pinning the queen.

  12. have you ever heard of the greatest opening for white its call the stonewall attack

  13. I usually to the king's knight opening when it's e4 by white e5 by black and knight to f3 and I never have a losing score with it if black uses knight to c6 I almost always go ruy lopez as my opening it's just simply a strong opening…but lately I've been interested in the english opening for white and I rarely ever try the sicilian defence as black since I love playing e6 when white plays e4…I like being defensive but a counter attack defensive strat always sound's good….so I need to try sicilian for black and for white the English opening and queens gambit

  14. this is the best video i have ever watched XD

  15. The queen's gambit is one of the worst openings.

  16. These openings are good.  However, you are assuming that black will do all those moves that you show.  It is really all speculative.  When I open with these moves, most of the time my opponent counters with something different, therefore making these openings pretty useless.

  17. Note: it's called Giocco (not Gioccu – it's Italian)! 😀

  18. Number 8 is called the London chess system

  19. where did you find these stats? can you link it please?

  20. What is the purpose of this silly video? A list of openings and statistics. It has no practical chess application. You might has well have listed major vegetables and people's preferences.

  21. QGA is best that i know but you can't predict in chess

  22. If i get queens gambit accepted i can win most of games

  23. No 2moves not decide who winning % the player who play best win at any condition

  24. Giocco Piano is when black matches with the bishop. What you displayed was just an Italian game

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