Top 10 illegal Moves in Chess From Super Grandmasters

Top Illegal moves from Top Super Grandmasters and world champion

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1.Shortest Game Of Magnus Carlsen :
3.Danill Dubov Beats Hikaru Nakamura In 17 Moves Carlsen Chess Tour 2020 Semi finals :
4.Bobby Fischer Busts the Dragon In Just 10 Moves to Beat Reshevsky :

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  1. magnus ended up winning bc of the senior arbiter in 8: 35

  2. What is with the terrible distortion on these clips?

  3. most clips the players did not do it on purpose

  4. They're all innocent mistakes, but the funniest was the dude moving his king next to Hikaru's king… not even amateur players make that mistake – stunning for a GM. As for the "added time" rule… no, it should be instant loss. Resetting the clocks is ridiculous.

  5. last one wasn't illegal .. it was just losing a rook by skewer.

  6. To ensure 100% win percentage, I always open with Queen's Gambit, then I throw the entire chess board on my opponent for maximum damage!

  7. For the promotion blunders, just change the rule so that if you don't say anything, it's a queen. It's by far the most common promotion, and this will make especially rapid and blitz games less awkward in such situations, since you're already doing so much simultaneous thinking and precise hand movements.

  8. I liked this video previously but now u r using fake thumbnail of current championship Nepo-Ding
    Thats why I hit dislike ๐Ÿ‘Ž

  9. What kind of horseshit rule is if you touch a piece you have to move it. That is completely idiotic.

  10. A lot of these would be avoided if players announced check

  11. 0:37 he doesnโ€™t touch the clock yet he got disqualified. Watch in slow motion. The clock ticks without him touching.

    Its crazy because you can see his shock when he goes to tick the clock and itโ€™s already down. Wtf???

  12. This video would be so much better if a narrator explained each illegal move after showing it.

  13. if ur king is under attack and u dont protect it, its not an illegal move, its just a blunder ffs

  14. Only in chess can you aggressively point at the table and go "OooOOooh ILLeGaL moooove, judge come quick and look at this!!"

  15. what the ..? there are moves in chess which are not allowed even if the figure can do that move in general? never heard that before

  16. Chess a game where you can watch a video of people making mistakes yet never see it yourself. I've watched this video 3 times now and most of these examples everyones shocked but I have no idea what is actually happening. ๐Ÿ™

  17. I had to watch the Carlsen vs Inarkiev clip several times as I found the commentator distracting with his, it's an illegal move 93. At first I thought it was a clock violation but then I had to turn the sound off and watch the small graphic. When Carlson moves his white rook to B7 he puts the black King in check but Inarkiev moves his black knight (D5-E3) and Carlson moves his King to D3

  18. There's some rules in official chess games I'll never accept. And I am kind of disappointed when people stick by the rules so much. Like, do you want to play a good game of chess, improve on your tactics and try to outsmart each other, or do you want to win by tiny little technicalities that don't affect the game in the slightest? Obviously they have all the right to stick by these technicalities but I'd respect them a whole lot more if they showed the tiniest bit of sportsmanship.

  19. To be fair, fabi didn't hit it on purpose, he fumbled with the queens and it got hit by accident

  20. The clock literally switches on its own on Fabi. atleast thats what it looks to me he made no contact with it even accidentally, atleast not until after he placed the queen hence why he also looked confused when he tried pressing it but it was already pressed. What???

  21. 5:12 This one in particular is scandalous even tho Aronian's reaction was so hilarious dude, the situation came too big for Hikaru

  22. 6:35 The legendary king sacrifice. Not many people have the balls to make this move.

  23. 3:30 The others i can understand, but the case with the woman and Carlsen seems silly since his only crime was touching a piece, the rule is stupid and goes against the spirit of the game

  24. WoW makes me loose some respect for chess players like wtf. Such babies when it comes to this double illegal move bs. The last clip was stupid he could move his king there and never took his hand off. Then his opponent calls 2 moves. What a bad sport.

  25. 7:55 What happens here. Why doesn't the white rook at the top left of the screen capture the black king and win the game?

  26. God that background sound during Petrosyan vs Dubov is enough to make any chess player make a mistake it sounds like something out of a horror movie before the monster jumps out lmao

  27. You know it's chess when they have a billion ridiculous rules that do nothing except increase the chances of accidentally forfeiting the game

  28. GyroZ2A ุนุจุฏุงู„ุงู„ู‡ ุงู„ูู†ุฏูŠ says:

    11:30 almost illegal pose

  29. That double illegal thing is the biggest bullshit I have ever seen.

  30. En resumen, no puede mover una pieza clavada.

  31. ฤ„ลžHลฐลคร•ลžH๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ช says:

    8:10 it was ernestos mistake

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