Top 10 Most Popular Responses to 1. e4 – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz counts down and identifies the most common black moves against white’s King Pawn opening. Basic principles are explained for each response.

2:08 Owen’s Defence
10:37 Nimzowitsch Defence
13:50 Alekhine’s Defence
20:49 Modern Defense
23:58 Scandinavian Defense
27:50 Pirc Defence [Hikaru Nakamura vs Ilya Smirin, 7th Foxwoods Open (2005)]
33:26 Caro-Kann Defence
37:16 French Defence
42:41 Open Game
47:22 Sicilian Defence


  1. I play owens defence n i see him giving away my tricks

  2. This guy looks like the guy from 90 day fiance

  3. your Ai interuption really annoy me..i cant watch more than 10 minutes coz of that

  4. The video spent so much time on the worst possible response to e4, i don't understand why.

  5. How do people personally learn these? Also I thought this video would be primarily preoccupied with black?. Seems to be more concerned with white which is annoying. Good vid though.

  6. Outstanding! Absolutely brilliant lecture!

  7. Omg you didn't covered the most played openings 🙄

  8. hello
    if this is a black defense lesson against e4, maybe you should have put the black pieces on our side of the table for us beginners to learn easier.

  9. These videos really bring back to old 'club training' sessions we had back in the days.. You know back in the days when you could meet people 🙂

  10. my e-book reader always plays d5 as a response—and I was always struggling

  11. At minute 31:35 he makes a blunder, he should Nxd8 and takes the Queen. The video is nice.

  12. "We'll draw with our fancy new arrows. See the gradient?" Ha, that was my favorite line. Great video, thanks!

  13. Arised? Your English teacher is revolving, alive or dead. Arisen.

  14. why not reverse the color if you are teaching response to white's e4?

  15. I needed to Pause the Video sometimes, because I feel that hes nervous and its making me feel stressed, too. I wanna learn all these openings to play chess better and allow myself more playing-creativity.
    Helpful lecture to me. Thanks for your time organisating the lecture and preparing these Variations even if some of ot didnt got to be mentioned.

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  18. 23:25, white bishop e3 takes knight c5, black pawn takes. white queen takes black queen, black rook takes white queen, white rook d1 takes black rook d8, black king must then take the white rook on d8. then winning move is knight to f7 forking king and rook. gg

  19. instead of rushing thru a TOP TEN list maybe try a TOP NiNE list without the rushing 🙂

  20. This format is great but time is the limiting factor. The first two responses to the opening predominate. Why not a top three? As a weaker player I would benefit even more.
    I really enjoyed the presentation.

  21. I love the number 10 opening even though it's the most dogisest. It's really great to set up tricks and you can probably win in 20+ moves easily against a decent player also it's really helpful in 5 min blitz. I usually like that tactic when I'm white and when I'm black I usually play the silician defence when they do pawn to e5

  22. I am disgusted that the Scandi is more popular than the Modern

  23. Does someone know at what time the Dannish gambit is?

  24. this is awesome video I was looking for, epic would be to do the same with all (most common) openings

  25. “you should have three done already” like chill dude this videos gonna get like a million views lol

  26. This is really insightful but its so hard to understand for me as I beginner.

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  28. Yes I know It's been a few years, but glad I found this!

  29. Why does this seem like it’s a college lecture in a class room. Did I miss out on a fun minor

  30. “That’s the Machuca Rook, you don’t want a Machuca rook” 😂😂😂 this guy’s hilarious

  31. 9:57 – Black does 2 consecutive moves?? First Qc7 then he castles without a move from white!

  32. How the best way to agsinst d-4 opening?

  33. Easily the best video on YouTube for people looking to really learn chess to progress

  34. #6 scandi?? really? that is a horrible defense that eric rosen loves

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