Top 5 Most Popular Chess Openings

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  1. Queens gambit or kings gambit if im white and caro kann if im black

  2. Me who constantly abusing London and Italian because all I know is developing and dont know what to do after move 7.

  3. aha what bout all the stuff past move two

  4. Lol is that just a random French dude?

  5. me as black trying to have fun playing e5 and nc6:

    bb5: 🗿🍷

  6. Gotham Chess, you will be remembered as the caro kann man.

  7. Italian is like 20x more popular than the caro

  8. London system: why we still here just to suffer

  9. Italian, Indian Defense, Pirc Defense, and Scotch have left the chat.

  10. Use that voice again and I’ll come through this computer and slap you

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