Top 5 Traps to WIN Fast in the Bishop’s Opening

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the 5 best chess opening traps in the Bishop’s Opening, which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4.

You will learn the traps for both White and Black sides. One of these traps has a higher probability of happening in practical games, as GM Igor Smirnov shows you the proof that it has about 87% win rate.

► Chapters

00:00 Top-5 Opening Traps in Bishop’s Opening
00:21 Trap-1: Race to Kingside Attack
04:33 Proof: 87% win rate
05:57 Trap-2: For Black
08:26 Trap-3: Black’s symmetric moves
10:12 Trap-4: Black plays 3…Nxe4
13:02 Trap-5: Sneaky 3.d3
15:40 Puzzle of the day

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  1. Here is a short game I actually played. It points to a weakness in the Bishop’s Opening: 1. e4 e5 2. Bc4 Qh4 3. g3 Qxe4+ 4. Qe2 Qxh1 5. Qxe5+ Kd8 6. Bxf7 Qxg1+ 7. Ke2 Qxc1 8. Qe8#

  2. I have a hard time believing black would play those lines above a 1500 rating

  3. majority of your videos are based on the assumption that opponent wont exchange pawns for pawns or knight for knight or bishop for bishop
    when opponents use such tactics this tricks become of no use and your presence of mind prevail

  4. At 4:09. You put queen to G5. Why is that not check mate? In my opinion you do not need to move an extra time to G7.

  5. These high-win-rate opening videos are AWESOME!

  6. every time I try this (6 times so far) I lose. I'm only about 850 too

  7. i dont find any of this helpful, simpley because if they dont move the way this video shows then your strat is a epic fail and now you have nothing

  8. Hi. Good Channel. But 4:10 after Q g5 the Queen needs no next Move to g7, because Black is already checkmate and got no possible Moves!! 😉 😊

  9. hi,,,,is that cat yours..whats its tell us igor…

  10. 1:42 What if black decides to take exf4 instead and not to move the Ng4?

  11. I saw so many attempts of the first now. Still lose some in blunder, however, it gets old quickly.

  12. OK, looks good – but what happens if (at minute 3:00) instead of castling the opponent pushes the G7 pawn to G6? Nice cat. 🙂

  13. What is a pawn to g6 is pushed to block the Queen’s diagonal instead of castling by black?

  14. at 5:14 what if black brings the queen and gives check to whites king?

  15. Everyone I play moves the Queen to h4 on the 2nd move


  17. Igor Smirnov is the best teacher. Great content.

  18. what if instead of castle, they do pawn G6

  19. The only issue I have with these ‘traps’ is that the people I play against don’t ever play their pieces in the way that an experienced player would.

  20. T3, after Nxe5 black can take take the pon next to the king, king takes, then check with Nxe4, and if kind doesn’t play Kg1 then you can check it with queen or make a queen ruck fork with the knight. In this way black has all the chances to win

  21. Instead of Bishop to c5 they went pawn to d5. Wasn't sure what to do after that and couldn't adapt the strategy. Does it still work if the e4 or d4 pawns are gone? I find that beginners like me don't make the moves that you state experienced would likely make and focus on simply trying to take pieces even when they don't come out even or on top, which causes these strategies to shift dramatically.

  22. Beautiful, unfortunate for me I'm not able to remember anything of these sneeky moves

  23. For the "puzzle of the day", I think after Nxe5 Black plays Qa5+ with double attack to the white King and the Knight

  24. That looks great- I wonder though at 2:54 what happens if black pawn to G6? It seems like a likely play and an easy escape

  25. I think that your cat is possibly a GM too, always hearing about your traps

  26. trap 1: most people with common sense you use the pawn to defend (g7 pawn) … and stockfish says its -2 or more for white … so yeah, low risk = nope, you are giving up your rook for almost nothing

  27. in the frst example after you play f5 instead of black playing a knight to f2 black play the move Qh2+ which i think white is in the losing position?

  28. The engine recognizes f4 as blunder and responds by bishop to g4 what can I do?

  29. At 4:10…that's already check mate! What happened GM Igor? no next move needed.

  30. So sad to see that two weeks after this video, Putin decided to invade your country. I truly feel for you and your countrymen and women and you are welcome here in Sweden.
    Slava ukraini!

  31. no Nxe5 is a bad move because the opponent can go for the move Qa5+ check double attacking the king and the knight.

  32. OMG it worked very good i check mate someone with this trap

  33. in the bishops opening the opponent could play pawn b3 instead of castle leaving my queen and rook pinned

  34. Me: *Distracted*

    The distraction: the cat behind him

  35. 4:07 what if black goes Be3

    Edited: oh welp, I realized white can just play Qg4# lol

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