Top 5 Traps to WIN Fast in the Bishop’s Opening

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the 5 best chess opening traps in the Bishop’s Opening, which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4.

You will learn the traps for both White and Black sides. One of these traps has a higher probability of happening in practical games, as GM Igor Smirnov shows you the proof that it has about 87% win rate.

► Chapters

00:00 Top-5 Opening Traps in Bishop’s Opening
00:21 Trap-1: Race to Kingside Attack
04:33 Proof: 87% win rate
05:57 Trap-2: For Black
08:26 Trap-3: Black’s symmetric moves
10:12 Trap-4: Black plays 3…Nxe4
13:02 Trap-5: Sneaky 3.d3
15:40 Puzzle of the day

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  1. This knight move immediately loses to Qa5+.

  2. The better reply to 2.Bc4 is 2… c6. And this is why the Bishops is not considered a strong opening.

  3. White going pawn -f5 in first example is a blunder, imo. Black could then go Q-h4 putting white in check and winning shortly after that.

  4. What is the winning percentage for white if black plays Q-h4 instead of N-f2? I bet its in the single digits.

  5. What can we do if black plays g6 instead of castling?

  6. Bishop instead of knight to g4 is very annoying

  7. At 4:05 would Queen g5 (or anywhere on the g file) not be checkmate right there? Bishop covering escape?

  8. What happens if instead of black castling, it moves pawn to g6 to block the queen??

  9. i love your videos 😎😎🙂🙂👍🏻👍🏻

  10. I used to be in chess club in Middle School. And now I am in my late 20s just getting back into it. I've been losing like crazy, after watching this and your black E4 trap I've won the last six games 🤣

  11. Mistake – before black play the knight the Queen play h4 😃 (g3, Bf2, Kd2 or e2, Bg3x…)

  12. Terrific lesson! I play the bishops opening regularly. And I really appreciate your broadening my options!! I subscribed instantly!! Thank you!

  13. Thx for this video 🙂 Easy to understand, easy to memorise. The first trap was really great fun to play! Subscribed.

  14. Gonna memorize this and implement it in bullet chest immediately, thank you!

  15. At 4:19 Qg5 is already a checkmate right? Im new here so im wondering if im missing something

  16. @ 4:12 isn’t Qg5 check mate bc bishop covers the dark square?

  17. Actually Qg5+ is not check it's mate no need to go for Qg7

  18. There’s a funny line after Nd5 black goes c6 Bg5 then Qa5+ which forces repetition when Bd2 and the queen goes back to d8

  19. At 2:58, instead of castling, what if they just move pawn on G7 to G6 to block the queen and attack the queen at the same time?

  20. Hi teacher, respect.
    After the queen moves to H5, what if Black doesn't castle but simply moves g7 to g6? maybe f5->f6, f7->f6, WQh6, BQe7, then?

  21. At 4:12, with black to move, …Be3 prevents Qg5 (which would be mate already, as others have noted), but Qg4 would be mate, no?

  22. My opponent may not be so obliging as to move his knight out of the way. And even if he did, if I moved my Queen to H5 he would move his pawn up and I would be forced to retreat. If I could move my opponents pieces, I could trap him every time!

  23. u dont need to move the queen at the end upwards… Queen on g5 at the end is already checkmate

  24. Just thoroughly enjoyed it like all other videos of yours. It is the best addition to the Bishop’s opening video GM! I love your content and keep it referring to my friends

  25. Most players would play pawn g6 after you play Qh5

  26. I really appreciate how you have been making your content for so many years. I like the video format that you switched too as well. Thank you. I'm also glad to see how your subscriber count has grown. 👍👍

  27. Great video, just wanna add that @ Trap1 at the end Qg5 is an instant checkmate, there is no Qg7 after all!! Keep up the good content!! Cheers!

  28. Please teach us some winning openings for black too. Thanks.

  29. example 1, you make too many assumptions. Black can pin the f pawn by moving queen to h4. There are several moves black can make to stop your development as shown.

  30. at 1:40 if black goes exf4 you’re in big trouble, because all your kingside is now vulnerable, f2 is a target and you don’t have f4-f5 anymore to block it off. More problems that can annihilate all White’s plan, and probably White, can come if Black goes Bg4, threatening your Queen on d1, as an alternative to e5xf4. In addition after move 3 in this line Black can choose Nxe4, where if White recaptures with Nxe4 there’s the old trick d7-d5, that takes away all Black’s problems and leaves Black with an at least equal but probably better position, which is a poor outcome for White’s opening. All these lines you suggest work out only if your opponent makes mistakes, so it’s not correct to say that if they don’t fall for the traps you still have a perfectly sound position.

  31. Puzzle answear:no. Bishop e6 is now possible

  32. Instead of black moving to P to D6, black moves his knight to G5, then uses the knight fork one move earlier?

  33. I love the bishop's opening and this just solidified my love

  34. I played some games after this. It's very very very very very strong.

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