Top 5 Traps to WIN Fast in the Bishop’s Opening

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the 5 best chess opening traps in the Bishop’s Opening, which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4.

You will learn the traps for both White and Black sides. One of these traps has a higher probability of happening in practical games, as GM Igor Smirnov shows you the proof that it has about 87% win rate.

► Chapters

00:00 Top-5 Opening Traps in Bishop’s Opening
00:21 Trap-1: Race to Kingside Attack
04:33 Proof: 87% win rate
05:57 Trap-2: For Black
08:26 Trap-3: Black’s symmetric moves
10:12 Trap-4: Black plays 3…Nxe4
13:02 Trap-5: Sneaky 3.d3
15:40 Puzzle of the day

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  1. Excellent opening helpful traps – great tutor – very clear explanations

  2. The issue with moving the knight there is that after black defends with bishop the knight is not Threatening that square anymore

  3. Hi Igor. I have a question for you. What if Black plays g6, instead of 0-0, at 3.03?¨Thank you so much.

  4. Not a good move. Black moves Be6, blocking the white bishop. Or Block moves Qa5+ and captures the white knight.

  5. After white plays f5, why not play …Qa4 check ? If g3, then Bishop f2 check and Bishop takes f3

  6. Grandmaster, what you recommend after 3. Nc3 Nxe4 ?

  7. What if instead of castle, black pushes up pawn to attack queen?

  8. I am 89 years old and just won the 2022 international Alzheimer's chess tournament.
    Strange though, I don't remember learning how to play chess before.

  9. Knowing a bit about statistics, by the 4th time you say "Black will usually play this move", from my rough calculations, the probability the game will have gone that way would be 4.56% probability.

  10. In the very first trap if black plays Bxg1 after white's f4 .. and then put black knight on g4 ? Ur trap is likely to fail.

  11. This bullshit , black against e4 are useful, just click on YouTube

  12. what if, in the first example, black plays bisshop to g4 instead of the knight? Black attacks the queen now, and it looks that white can say byebye to it's trap.

  13. Is it bishop to c5? Looks very much like traxler counter attack

  14. 15:59 I think black should do Qa5+, then take the white knight and maybe play Bg4 (I didn't bother to think so much).

  15. This is a Sic !! upload. Thanks a lot. You are a demon :}.

  16. Puzzle of the day : No, because black has the option to block with Be6 and you can no longer take with your Knight and have to exchange your strong bishop for their weak one. Secondary answer would be that you would close the position further rather than leave the E file open for your rook for more attacks. That's my honest answer without looking at any

  17. At 4:09 you say Qg5 is check, and the next move Qg7 is checkmate…. but Qg5 is already mate

  18. That's good and all but people below 1k ELO just do some rando unpredictable moves

  19. Interesting opening, because I play similar system that club chess players do play these moves sometimes or you can improvise if they deviate. Games e4-e5, Bic3-G8f6, Bc4-Bc5, try a3-B8c6 best for me White {or O-0, or D6 all work) Then Knd5 or knh6 ok also, so F6- X E4, Knh6 – D6, d3- Bxh3, gx h3 yep! – Knxf2, and Qh5 – knxh1, Bg5, Qd7, White Wins against any defence even Fritz 5. You can play this as Black aswell works even better. I beat English female ranked 12th female in England, as she played very logically and all best computer moves. As me Black 4th move Bic3 is best for me, 0-0 is good for me, D3- more tricky. And if someone plays BB5 can do A6, Ba4- b5 ,Bb3- Bc5 to get into Italian system.Then Knd4 or can do Knh6.

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