Trap in Damiano Defense 👀 one of the oldest chess openings 👀

With games dating back to the 16th century. It is a weak opening that gives a large advantage for White after 3.Nxe5. Even if White does not go for this continuation, simple development leads to an advantage since 2…f6 weakened Black’s kingside as well as took away the best square for the g8-knight.

Chess Notation:

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 f6 3. Nxe5 fxe5 4. Qh5+ Ke7 (4… g6 5. Qxe5+) 5. Qxe5+ Kf7 6.
Bc4+ Kg6 7. Qf5+ Kh6 8. d4+ g5 9. h4 Kg7 10. Qf7+ Kh6 11. hxg5# *


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On our channel you will find:

– How to play chess
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Frequently asked questions

1) Which books would you suggest for beginners in order to improve their skills?

– Chess 101 by Dave Schloss
– Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess by Bobby Fischer and Stuart Margulies
– Winning Chess Strategies for Kids by Jeff Coakley
– The Steps Method by Rob Brunia and Cor van Wijgerden
– Beginning Chess by Bruce Pandolfini

2) Which books would you suggest for improving my combined planning/analysis?

– School of Chess Excellence 2: Tactical Play
– encyclopedia of chess combinations (fourth edition)
– perfect your chess by volokitin
– winning chess 1948 by Fred Reinfeld

3) Which books would you suggest for improving my positional playing and strategic planning?

– My System (Chess Classics)
– Mastering Chess Strategy (Hellsten)
– Chess Strategy for Club Players by Grooten
– Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition by Oudeweetering
– Mastering Chess Strategy by Hellsten

4) Which openings are good for a beginner chess player?

– Classic opening, where pikes are fighting for center position
– White: 1.е4 – Ruy Lopez
– Black: on 1.е4 e5 – the Spanish game, on 1. d4 d5 – Queen’s Gambit refused.

5) Which is the most trending opening today?

Berlin opening, Catalan Opening, Grunfeld Defense, Petroff Defense…

6) Bishop or horse?

You can’t say for sure that, one is better than other, in reality it depends on your position.

7) Where should I focus my attention mostly? Opening, middle game or end game?

If you are beginner you really need to pay attention to mixture of main techniques and strategies, you need to understand how games end, professionals usually tend to look for interesting plans and news about openings and middle games, for intermediate gamers I would say go for all steps of the game, pay attention to all three steps of the game and focus all of your attention on weak spots.

8) What are the most important characteristics for achieving success in the chess?

Chess requires from player good memory, ability to recognize various templates in no time, precise strategic thinking, passion for the game and ability to handle stressful situations.

9) What is the best practice for preparing for tournament?

Firs of all figure out your weak spots and work on fixing them. Sometime problem is associated with personal health. Sometimes lack of motivation is the issue. If you feel exhausted and tired from chess I would suggest your to get couple of days off, I bet it will really help you and you will find inspiration once again. If you haven’t played for a while you could try couple of training games or you can go for blitz, it will definitely help your to get in the shape. Try different things to find the most suitable way for you.

10) I am ordinary chess players, but I am really interested in getting on tournament, what should I do?
First of all make sure that you are aware of tournament rules.

On random games, we tend to talk, we don’t keep track of moves nor time, we ignore various rules such as touching your figures, moving them, etc. Chess tournaments are completely different from random games, it is hard to explain whole process with words, in order to get better idea I would suggest you to visit official event and see everything for yourself.

Another important thing is to resolve various tactics on daily basis, you really need to work on your skills on daily basis if you want to improve yourself. I know I have said it numerous times before, but once again – pay attention to your weak spots, this is essential! In case of going on tournament, make sure that your current level is suitable for the event, don’t go for easy ones.


  1. La reina negra se come al por que jaquea y el alfil buco. Se come a la reina y el rey se come al alfil y sigue el juego

  2. Who the fucks gona play like that 😂 if I set a bot to 200 they wouldn’t set themselves up for this 😂

  3. One thing I do not like memorizing a strategy is because it becomes a game. I want my mind to flood with creative strategies in chess that reflects in real life.

  4. Hello guys I am a new chess player and I hope it will help me to be more strategic.

  5. Is not a checkmate. You can use the queen to save your king

  6. Чистый пресинг

  7. This will only be possible if pawn moves forward to save that pawn but if left black knight will move then it will not be possible

  8. никогда не поподался на это

  9. Fun fact he could have saved his ass if he moved the horse in Front of his king in the First check Situation

  10. Naik gajah hitam kontak hitam jaga pion na dodol

  11. 7g как пешка вернулась с позиции если ферзь должен срубить ладью

  12. Possible to avoid checkmate with black d5 After the White played Bc4?

  13. Nc6 and this process is over before it starts

  14. You check mate eventually but the pieces are not sitting well. Watch again

  15. The queen be like 💀💀💀 I could just eat the pawn

  16. F8 – E7 deferens G5

  17. Chess also super game I understand thank you bro

  18. the waffle house has found its new host

  19. And the black queen sits there all day till a stalking queen captures her man.

  20. Жаль, что хороший игрок такой ошибки не сделает

  21. Its not a mate. Black queen can still take that pawn

  22. Ive never seen someone playing like this be told truth as for the white

  23. Damn, I expected a "You have to know this, heres the moves it starts with"

  24. Пожертвовал коня, а потом забыл нужный ход

  25. It is not checkmate bro…
    Pawn can be killed by queen😐

  26. It is not checkmate bro…
    Pawn can be killed by queen😐

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