Triple Muzio Gambit: Greatest Chess Opening

The Triple Muzio Gambit is an extremely aggressive line in the King’s Gambit where white looks to give up a knight, bishop, and the d, e, f pawns in exchange for a devastating attack on the exposed black king. The moves start with 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 g5 4.Bc4 g4 5.0-0 gxf3 6.Qxf3 Qf6 7.e5 Qxe5 8.Bxf7+ Kxf7 9.d4 Qxd4 10.Be3.

To skip ahead to certain responses from black click below:
10…Qxb2 3:08
10…Qf6 8:25
10…Qe5 15:45
10…Qg7 18:39

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  1. Triple muzio is the first gambit that got me hooked to this king’s gambit game. Beat a rival so soundly with this, they got me super drunk trying to get me to lose, but the triple Muzio is just too good. They never beat me and now they don’t play me anymore!

  2. How do defend the queen putting you in check after the second white pond is played??

  3. 1:13 why not just pin the black queen with white rook and take it?

  4. That Rook on F1 is pure murder… Very clever, gotta go try this now lol cheers!!

  5. This gambit seems pretty cool but I am not ready to use I don't think

  6. Love the gambit, probably the most game of thrones style play, the oppoents always thinks they're winning because they're taking material then boom checkmate

  7. This is legitimately the worst fucking move Ive ever tried… it needs to go EXACTLY LIKE what you laid out here or youre fucked.

  8. Thank you so much! Really really fun looking opening! 🙂

  9. What happens if the black queen actually takes white bishop on e3 early game?

  10. The assumption is that your opponent is going to play REALLY badly for this to work. 😂

  11. Brilliant video,its going to improve my game.

  12. at 2:22 what happens if their queen suicides into the bishop? I would be okay taking two bishops and a knight for a queen

  13. can't figure out if queen moves to e7

  14. What do you do if instead of him pushing the pawn he develops his night after he takes

  15. Ive tried this opening with computer, and its response is always KnF6. Do i continue with mainline?

  16. kevin omg ive been watching you since i was in 1st grade in 2009 i love you man

  17. Please help…. what if the player doesn t choose to move the second pawn (g5) ?

  18. Hm, for this to work out you must play against a very weak opponent, though.. The assumed moves for Black just don't make much sense

  19. My only problem is when Kevin goes over these gambits and traps I feel like he only goes over when your opponent plays incorrectly. So you’re screwed when they actually play correctly. Also a lot of people I play against decline gambits, just because they don’t understand them and don’t want to fall into a trap.

  20. Low key i never see this working anywhere above 1700

  21. Yeah what if their response is not to move the pawn out and take it. Changed the whole situation. Just messed up after that huh?

  22. I love this opening and can’t wait to try it

  23. I always play video on 1.5 and you talk so slow that I have to check if I was on 0.5 and found I was still on 1.5

  24. If 7…Bf5+, what should white 8th move? 8.Kh1? I found it still difficult for me as white.

  25. This is THE BEST and the most comprehensive video on muzio gambit on youtube. Great work Kevin.

  26. Not the greatest,but the most risky one

  27. R18+ Violent chess, nudity of enemy king. Viewer discretion is advised

  28. Cornelius Constantine Balthazar Fitzpatrick V Sr. says:

    Muzio Deportivo

  29. Been trying to get this gambit accepted for a while now. Nobody accepts it lol. But I have to say Ive had more fun trying this than any other opening I’ve ever played. Closest I get to someone playing Into this is when I try to reverse it when I’m playing black. It’s really done well for me ngl.

  30. "We're not done giving up material here" sacrifice everything lol

  31. What should you do if the queen doesn't take the e5 pawn in the earlier moves?

  32. Thankyou very much master…your the true magician

  33. Do you take online classes, Kevin? Very nice videos

  34. nobody, and i really mean nobody i have played against defended their pawn. maybe i am just playing to too low ranked people, or they know about the triple muzio gambit, or they just dont care about the pawn. hopefully somebody will fall for it and defend their pawn so i can finally try this out.

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