Typical 300 Elo Chess Game

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Typical 300 elo chess, NOT baka mitai.

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  1. As a former 300 ELO player I have to say, these players are the best of us

  2. I died when he said he must be setting up the board for the next game

  3. as a person who was 300 only 2 weeks ago… these people are so f**king good bro HOW?!?!

  4. There should be a tournament where YouTube cant habe higher accuracy than 50%

  5. I love when he explains the thought process of a 300 as if they know what a Vienna is or any opening when he goes “maybe they just weren’t prepared for a Vienna and wanted to avoid that”🤣🤣🤣we are just clicking buttons bro

  6. "Maybe he wanted to play the Van Geet opening."

    "Maybe he just wasn't well prepared in the Vienna."

    Actual thoughts: "Can I move this piece here?"

    Source: That's about my elo.

  7. Its almost like he were doing a challenge where you have to lose the rooks

  8. Rules are different for 300 ELO- if someone hangs a piece you HAVE to hang a piece, Queens can only be taken by other royalty…… so on and so forth. Don't be uncivil

  9. I suck at opening, I just spam kings pawn and hope

  10. Bro im 337 and no game is like this. All my opponents are gm…

  11. My guess both players have memorized a opening, but haven't learned anything past that (at that point of their progress anyway). The multitude of ways white had chance of winning the game and not actually do it was weird. Same with queen trades, if you can take a queen with a pawn I would spend some time to wonder what kind of trap this is before just taking it.

  12. Qd4 is the greatest move I have ever seen personally

  13. 300 ELO makes me feel like a chess genius, and i'm definitely not good.

  14. I feel like black believed that their pieces had plot armor. And somehow they did!

  15. Its so fun to play at low elo I love it but hate it at the same time

  16. Immortal queen. May as well be a new "Highlander" chess variant where you can't take the other queen.

  17. I had a game where he was terrible I took his queen with my pon I will be happy to send it to you

  18. This game gave me brain damage, and I'm not even ELO 200

  19. Wow u lot are mocking it I’m just about 450😂😂

  20. This is just hilarious I love the delivery

  21. White probably got to the analysi screen and saw 14 missed wins

  22. 1:00 bro if you think 300 elo guys know about opening names you know nothin' 💀

  23. As a member of the 300 elo community, I would like to point out no chess player at this level would say: "I'm going to avoid the Vienna" because literally no one at this level knows more than 1 or 2 openings.

  24. Happy to announce that black is now 800 rating

  25. bro my 300 elo chess players literally somehow just punish me for playing chess and mate me they are like bots

  26. When I first started playing chess I just played on a table against family, never even knew there was a rating system

  27. I never laughed so much while watching something
    The comments made me laugh a lot too
    I'm actually exhausted now 😂

  28. I didn’t even know 300s know chess openings

  29. The Waffle House has found it’s new host

  30. I started 2 days ago with chess and im 3 elo, after the first 5 moves im braindesd ive seen videos on mid and earlygame but idk how to play midgame at all

  31. Wow. These 300 players are Opening better than 1200 GTE submissions.

  32. Seriously the opening was like I’m watching some gm play

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