Typical 300 Elo Chess Game

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Typical 300 elo chess, NOT baka mitai.

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  1. I have played nothing but 300 elo games, a few hundred, give or take, and I've never seen these openings. Everybody tries the basic pawn/knight stuff or they try to play like Nelson with their Queen.

  2. I’m rated 997 in rapid and 369 blitz. Please help

  3. "setting up the board for the next game xDxDxD"

  4. I love this series of videos commenting 300 elo games

  5. bruh these dudes were def bad but nothing compared to me when i was in grade school
    i didnt know how to castle or en passant
    i didnt know what an opening was
    i never thought about what my opponent was doing
    and i always captured even if it put me in danger
    i was a frickin -4000 elo

  6. "Now we're in the Raffaelle variation of the Dutch defense, as both players clearly knew about…"



  7. 'maybe black wasn't too well prepared in the vienna' …

  8. Personally, these are the most trashes of 300 Elo I have ever seen. This is because a I am 267 elo and yet I play better than this 🤦‍♂️

  9. When I watch games like this, I don't feel quite as bad about my own sucky chess…

  10. Can we play together, gotham? Please, I'm a huge fan

  11. Nigel Short once said: 'If you are a beginner at chess and you make some blunders don't discourage yourself, chess is not difficult, chess is extremely difficult.' We should never forget how difficullt it was and how long it took to improve our chess skills

  12. Sometimes I feel like they play these moves on purpose

  13. Did he just reference yugioh in chess ⁉️⁉️⁉️

  14. The queen is immortal part is where I lost it. I actually had a genuine laugh at that point. Fuckin A that’s good

  15. This hurt me soo much
    There clearly needs to be a 300 ELO tournament to get another gotham vid.

  16. Goodness I was so frustrated but it was funny , and sad , and so many emotions

  17. It’s not often I laugh hysterically for 15 minutes straight

  18. 9:4710:02"I think black basically is just out of ideas and is setting up the board for the next game, like they thought if they put the bishop on f8, the queen is already there, maybe next move the rook there and then bishop back, find a way to get the king here and maybe like they activate the 5 pieces of Exodia or something and they obliterate their opponent.. I don't know" ACTUALLY the funniest thing i've ever heard in a long time (Edit, just fixed some minor typing errors)

  19. is it just me who cant see this "sarcasm"?
    or am i just soo bad i dont get it?

  20. in 8:51 situation you could block with the queen and bh6 then rock takes again then king g7

  21. Damn….. I was not this bad at the game back when I was like 10 years old.
    This is absolutely hilarious and painful to see, all at the same time.

  22. gotham dude….dont analyze 300 elo….they just like to see stuff move on their screens

  23. Me wondering how these were 300 elo until white missed Qb8+ at 4:20 lol

  24. Хватит говорить "get out of here" -_-

  25. I like how I’m watching this like I’m good, but I’m at 500 elo

  26. I'm a 250 scrub, I don't even know why I'm laughing at these lol

  27. You find two things below 500 ELO:
    1) the dumbest games you have ever seen
    2) Grandmasters

  28. i played chess in bars and sometimes got bored when no real opponents were there, so accepted to "play" with some beginners, i`ve had ALOT of this games lol

  29. i think that low elos mix up the values of the bishop, knight, and rook very often which may be why black is trying to lose the rook

  30. That's was My last elo. The worst chess website and rules I've seen.

  31. Me: starts in 700 elo for some reason
    Also Me: Loses every game (just won one today woooo)
    300 elo people: I know how to play
    300 elo people: defeats me like it’s nothing
    Me:……… not surprising

  32. i first read the title as: a typical 3000 elo game
    and i was like damn i didnt even know people like that existed then when i cliked on the video it was just "oh"

  33. “Setting up the board for the next game” had me rolling

  34. Rating is not always fair. Like a 400 rated player can play as a 1200 rated player if they set their level lower

  35. lol when you were talking about black setting up the board for next game and then brought out the yugioh reference i lost it. haaven't laughed that hard in a long time

  36. I know 100 elo players that play better than that.

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