Under 800 Rated? Watch This.

In this video I talk through my moves against chess players rated under 800 to explain what they are doing wrong. Hope this is helpful to you and lmk if I should do the same thing with other rating groups 😀

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00:00-00:40 Intro
00:40-11:50 Game 1
11:50-15:50 INSANE STUFF
15:50-24:40 Game 2
24:40-25:09 Conclusion

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  1. It says I'm 300 level, I know I'm better than that because I have analyzed where I would play the best moves but my opponent keeps messing me up, I have won more often by analyzing where I would play my moves and learning from these YT channels

  2. no wonder they rage quit. After seeing a fellow 600 wipe the floor with him with the strength of a 2000 the poor dude probably thought he was hopeless at chess.

  3. Me: I can beat this 600 Eli
    Also me: checkmated

  4. Her boyfriend must be happier than the guy who invented alcohol

  5. I loved the reaction when same mate played again

  6. Hey Anna, I just watched your video and lost 4 games in a row. Thanks.

  7. It is fantastic! What a player! Bravo! I liked that were two same games.

  8. You're an incredible teacher! I watch tons of videos from big channels like gotham chess and you really do a better job of just keeping it simple and intuitive for lower less elo rating and not getting to into super complicated stuff

  9. For games 2 and 3 there were two different players. To play exactly the same moves in a row can happen only if you are paired with a computer program, or if the users are using the same tutorial to learn bad chess 🤣 Anyway, it was a real pleasure to see you in action

  10. LOL there's a saying "never go f6"😂 anyone else find that funny? Haha

  11. Cool but if all the under 800 watch the video, you might take longer to improve your rating as multiple draws are expected : ) thanks though

  12. How cold do you have to be to walk people through how you’re beating someone… in real time 🔥🥶

  13. So disrespectful that the 485elo abandoned the game to waste the time of an opponent… says the 2500elo player on a smurf account.

  14. Started playing chess today after seeing a video of you and your parents. 40 years ago when I was a little kid the game was explained to me, but didn't play it much back then. Probably about 10 times. I played 4 games against the computer and won 3 and played 1 draw. First won at level 250 rating, second won at 400 rating, third draw at 550 and fourth won at 1000. 🙂 Very curious now at which level my limit (barrier) is. Last game was the most fun. In the beginning I kinda messed up, but eventually I found a way to turn the game around. I lost the queen very fast, but so did the computer. It wasn´t against the clock. I am sure that would have been way more difficult. Took my time with each move. It's fun to see the difference in playing of your parents. Your dad plays also more noisy on the board. Your mom is more gentle with the placing the pieces and with hitting the clock. Your dad wins alot of time reaching for the clock. His arm movement is fast while your mom moves her arm in a relaxed movement.

  15. I'm bad at chess . . . . why am I even watching this

  16. My opponent went F6. There is a little saying that goes "NEVER GO F6"

  17. "my opponent fell for the checkmate" – let's not forgot that he is 600 and you 2000+

  18. Opponent: Opens with Ruy Lopez
    Anna: So you've chosen D E A T H

  19. I’m sorry but your voice is so annoying! I couldn’t listen anymore! Thumbs down 👎

  20. It's gotta suck to be the new people playing chess that day that don't know they are playing some overly high rated woman using your absolute destruction to make money haha

  21. chessbrah have the best video series for rookies in chess

  22. I was rated 1100 when I never played. I spent hours learning strategies. Now I'm down to 300. The more I learn the worse i get. I guess I'm playing too predictably

  23. Instructions unclear. I got scholars mated 6 different times in 3 different ways by 8 different people.

  24. The queen is not your most powerful piece. Your pawns are the most valuable piece.

  25. Is 800 like you know how the pieces move?

  26. thank you so much for proving my low elo rated ruy lopez theory to everyone. as a low elo player i encounter the ruy lopez so much

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