Universal Chess Opening for White & Black [TRICKY Gambit to Win Fast]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov teaches you a universal chess opening that you can play both as White and as Black.

It is an aggressive gambit that often gives you quick wins right out of the opening. This opening variation is filled with a lot of deadly tricks and traps that most of your opponents will fall for.

As Black, it happens when your opponents play 1.d4 as White, and you respond with 1…e5 (Englund Gambit) and then follow up with 2.dxe5 d6 3.exd6 Bxd6.

And as White, you can play this gambit in multiple ways. First, you may play 1.d3 and then 2.e4. If that’s too passive for you, you may start with 1.Nc3 and then play this tricky opening. Best of all, this opening variation also transposes from the Scandinavian Defense when you start with 1.e4 d5 2.d3 with a similar idea.

► Chapters

00:00 Universal Chess Opening (White & Black)
00:45 Aggressive Gambit For Black
02:07 Same Gambit Opening For White (Extra Tempo)
04:38 If your opponents don’t fall for the queen trap
05:31 74% Win Rate Trap for White
06:48 Transposition from 1.Nc3 (instead of 1.d3)
09:00 If Black tries to push Bg5
09:52 If Black plays 1…e5 (transposing into Bishop’s Opening)
10:41 If Black plays 2…d4 (instead of dxe4)
11:29 72% Win Rate Trap for White (Win in 7 Moves)
13:33 Transposition from 1.e4

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  1. Nice.
    I'll use it for my bullet games, see how it goes.

  2. IMO Smirnov is the best out there on how to utilize the bishops. I wouldnt be surprised to hear from other GMs+ he's the absolute best on the subject.

  3. Can't understand a word this guy is saying.

  4. Hey Igor, man you’re such an amazing teacher. I took up chess again in December 2021, after about 25 years. My dad taught me the rules when I was about 7, but have not really learnt any tactics as such. I’m 37 now, and from being a 700 elo in December 2021, I reached 1250+ by November 2022. It feels great, and it’s pretty much your videos that I learn from. Really appreciate your teaching. Thank you.

  5. Excuse my stupid question , but can this also work over the board ?

  6. SIR please help, 1.Nc3,d5 2.e4 and they play something else like Nf3. Can you tell me what to do next please 🙏

  7. Could somebody please post the link to the previous video with this gambit for black, Igor is talking about in the first minute?

  8. Hi Igor, just wanted to say that right after I finished watching the video I decided to try the gambit online, and won a game in 10 moves, it was absolutely awsome! Thank you so much for your content!

  9. Thanks Guy I appreciate your tips and logic Those are pretty slick openings

  10. Tried the first trap a couple times and lost everytime……

  11. 4:35 "And it was at this position that the opponent resigned. Mission…Accomplished. "

  12. ► Chapters

    00:00 Universal Chess Opening (White & Black)

    00:45 Aggressive Gambit For Black

    02:07 Same Gambit Opening For White (Extra Tempo)

    04:38 If your opponents don't fall for the queen trap

    05:31 74% Win Rate Trap for White

    06:48 Transposition from 1.Nc3 (instead of 1.d3)

    09:00 If Black tries to push Bg5

    09:52 If Black plays 1…e5 (transposing into Bishop's Opening)

    10:41 If Black plays 2…d4 (instead of dxe4)

    11:29 72% Win Rate Trap for White (Win in 7 Moves)

    13:33 Transposition from 1.e4

  13. Very fascinated gambit! A ton of tactics are available. It is very tricky and fun so much!

  14. I've been looking for a strong universal opening for quite awhile, and I think I finally found it.

    Большое спасибо, игорю !!

  15. As usual, another excellent video from our favourite star coach, GM Igor Smyrnov.. I think simply saying Thanks is not justifies your excellent, illustrative, and dedicated efforts.. In my opinion, it is a dream for every chess player to have a wonderful coach like GM Igor.

  16. Interesting how GM Smirnov found these opening moves and variations, it looks very effective!👍

  17. Me encanta éste Gambito!! ❤️Lo he utilizado muchas veces y la gran mayoría de las veces me ha servido para ganar en pocas jugadas.💪♟️
    Gracias, Maestro👍
    Saludos desde España

  18. Hey Igor, great video as always. I was just curious, I play the same nimziowich defense (bascially what you showed in the video) as black, can the same gambit work if the opponent has already played e4? I'm struggling If they play dxe4 on the second move.

  19. Chess engine evaluates white as losing … if black does not follow these steps … ?

  20. Can you please do a video on the Elephant gambit next?

  21. As a beginner he talks way too fast for me. I think I should for beginners site. But I have gotten some good advice and I shall return.

  22. This is awesome. I just learned about englund gambit as a new player and I cannot wait to test these move against 600 elo players.

  23. THANK YOU 😊
    Wonderful opening ideas as always.
    Such great explanations too!
    You are the most generous and brilliant chess teacher.
    Your audience is so small considering what a treasure you are, which to me only adds to the value of the knowledge you bring to the table.
    I don't know how you keep finding these strategic gems which play right in to the most common moves?
    Well done 👏 thanks again! 😊

  24. Hello,Igor! Next time can you analyse the Wagon Gambit? It's so crazy even GM have troubles with it

  25. This video, your commentary, both are lucid and extraordinarily useful…if one is able to absorb, meaningfully, the substantial amount of information and its complex interactions….. I know you need to be brief and yet cover the material; nonetheless, you might consider taking apart a video like this, focusing on one of its elements, with a bit more help for your audience to grasp, integrate, and then use the very fine insights you offer. I do watch and re-watch these, which is , of course, another way to the same end. Thank you for your very generous sharing of your knowledge and skills.

  26. Thank you for showing that this can be used against the Scandi. I play e4 and wasn't sure about changing up my opening but I'll definitely play this line now against the Scandi.

  27. ngl i lost hella elo using this trick, no one moved any of the pieces as you sohwed so i just go stomped hard everytime.

  28. after white Castle….. if u did the check with ur Bishop to win the white queen, won't u lose 3 pieces for a single queen?
    I'm no GM but I prefer 3 pieces over a queen any day!

  29. I have gone thru a number of your chess videos and have found them to be extremely useful and effective! Thank you so much for posting all these educational videos so that all of us who love chess but are not at a Master's level can still learn and enjoy the game even more! I know it takes a lot of work on your part to research and develop and post these videos but please continue to do so and I for one will be very grateful for your chess videos! Thanks GM Smirnov!

  30. Love your videos !
    I must caution that I never play the way you advise the opposition would play .
    Something to keep I mind when you make these wonderful videos.

    Keep making them .

    1 Nc3 d5
    2 e4. d4
    3. Nce2. is so very tricky for both sides .
    Not just Black .
    It is objectively difficult to endorse White here .
    Just my opinion .

    After 3 … e5 !? the space acquired by Black provides some interesting
    compensation to the weak
    a2 – g8 diagonal .
    Is it equal ?
    I am not certain.
    But should Black survive the MG,
    the space will present a problem
    later for White .
    Just an observation in the Dunst.

    I did win a bunch of games employing the Dunst a number
    of ways , including this one.

    Thank you again for the
    highly interesting videos.

    I love them!!

  31. As white, might the extra move be detrimental? We have to find a move to waste while he takes an additional move to "castle into it," and the wasted move gives up a tempo AND makes him more suspicious. Just a thought.

  32. I literally landed it the first time I tried it 😂🙏🏼

  33. New idea?? Lol too funny. I was playing this back in the 70s dude, before you were born. Euwe used to play similar stuff. Reversed openings and reversed gambits have around a long time. Ariel Mengarini wrote about this stuff way back when.These moves on move one a3, Nc3, c3, d3 are really old ideas that have been played by adventurous players for eons. Anything black can do, white can do better with an extra tempo. E.g. the Steinitz variation with Qh4 in the Scotch. Played in reverse if black cooperates wins a pawn. But even then black can make it tricky, which I don't really want to reveal to a wider audience (gotta keep some ideas in reserve lol, especially since I'm not getting paid! My students that pay for lessons get to see these. I'm not a total altruistic philanthropist! Somebody has to help pay for my 1700 chess book library and 55 years of experience.)

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