Want to be 1000 in chess?

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  1. I know I've given you some shit, but I'm about to be breaking 1000 soon and this really helps. Thanks G

  2. I swear some of these 600s I am facing play like some of those 900s

  3. Thank you Levy. I take your advices and put it in my game, and I win so many times. ❤

  4. I gained 100 extra ELO in one day by running my King in bad situations

  5. I just wish my 900 games are like this😂

  6. thank you, 😀 can you show me how to be 10,000?

  7. Great advice, especially playing out games completely when low elo. At this level so many people dont even know how to checkmate with two rooks. Theres so much inconsistency with skill online due to how Cc lets you just start with 400/800 elo. Some people start a new account and manage to get 1000elo by just starting as 800(picking intermediate) and getting lucky winning with early queen/bishop attacks. They dont even always need to be successful as some just resign if you manage to get a rook/queen or something early.

  8. See, I’m good at all of these(kinda, except time management, but that’s easy) yet, I somehow always screw it all up😅

  9. I watch your vidoes but dont improve please help me

  10. I started my chess acc 2 months ago and now im 900 elo.

  11. I need to work on those Queen attacks… Ugh…

  12. My chess career ended all in a span of 30 minutes

  13. great video! You make me want to play more chess! After having played all day!

  14. watched this video as an 1100 and my very next game had my first brilliant move along with 2 great moves. idk what gotham is saying but its working

  15. I'm going to borrow that "garbage Queen attacks" phrase. Why do people play like that? It's like walking into a beautiful art museum and throwing hamburgers at all the art. It's just uncivilized.

  16. Im 600 this is not how 600s play they are like gms

  17. Thanks for the video and all your content . Truly appreciated.

  18. Bro 😂 Why can't my 600 Elo opponent play like bro they play like magnus carlsen

  19. After watching this video, I became 1000! I totally did not reach it by losing 500 elo points..

  20. I’m stuck at 650 for nearly like a month

  21. No joke i saw 1 minute of this video and then went from 600 elo to 800 in 1 day

  22. I play good online.. But I suck on real borad..

  23. I’ve been getting shellacked by 480-500 players whose games are way more precise than that first example.

  24. Great video!! Been playing cheese from for a month or 2. I’ve tried before but cold never figure out concepts. I love how you break things down. I definitely need to slow down a little and work on my endgame. I was doing great with this Check, capture, attack. I had a pretty good lead all game. But move 15 I was mate in 8 moves. By move 18 it was +9 for the other guy!!

  25. Instantly made me a better player. I’m still pretty bad but this video help lol good job buddy

  26. I'm One Win Away From Reaching 1000 Wish Me Luck

  27. I've steadily dropped from 1200 to 850 after playing online. I used to think I was a 1300-1400 player when I just played bots

  28. Levy helped me so much, I was stuck in 1250 for so long but I finally became 1000 😇

  29. What’s the checklist he’s talking about

  30. Man I wish I played people like this. I get 300s who play like the 1500s in your videos it's awful.

  31. Guys, I need help. As I am beginner when I had a match against top elo rater player, I lost 75 elo points while he defeated me. Why do I lose so much elo points?

  32. As 2187 rated i conform that these tactics are very incredible

  33. If I could stop blundering, I'd totally be 1000. If I had a dollar for every game where I clearly was going to win and then just did something that someone with an extra chromosome would do, I would be a millionaire

  34. Except the last two games,i am better than all the players but still,i am just a 650😢

  35. Ladies and Gentlemen, Chess is hard but I am harder.

  36. After a couple months plateau hardstuck 500-550 today I broke past 600 to 664 elo 🎉 started playing in March 🤘

  37. Everyone "1000 and 1500 so easy" Levy " black made 1 innacuracy and this is how you get to 1000"

  38. bruh im low rated but the players I get play the most amazing shit i've ever seen

  39. I just started a few weeks ago

    950 today

    Thanks man

    Your explanations are sooo 🙂👍

  40. I'm 966 i hope after this video i become a 4 digit elo

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