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  1. Okay I feel like a baby. I’m at 717 ELO 🥲

  2. There's no way they are 500s my opponents play like 2000s

  3. i think 1000 are people who just learned how to move pieces imo.

  4. when you can beat 1100 bots but still 400 elo

  5. I was 1048 then went back down to 920 and never gotten past 980 since

  6. I can't say enough how much this video has helped. When I make it to 1000 it will be because you explained everything so beautifully. I've just played 2 games that were around 90% accurate and it's because of the 5 steps you outlined in this video.

  7. Dude.. people in 400 are destroying me with insane openings and endgame logic and these two 4-500 kids are playing a riddiculous game of chess

  8. I started playing I think 4 or 5 days ago now when I found a Ludwig short with you in it, I'm up to 240 elo and my biggest issue right now is just random queen attacks, you seriously help world's with building confidence and helping me recognize better lines to play. Chess is truly epic I'm glad I found this community

  9. I was 990 and I've fallen back to 850. I've been playing fairly regularly since January I'm not sure if that's good progress but genuinely it's seriously frustrating me feel like I'm middling

  10. Everyone that I match up with are tough to beat. I've been stuck in 400-500 for a week now!!

  11. great video bro i didn't even feel this 34 min thanks !

  12. just listening to the intro makes me play a game and win

  13. Great video's you helped me like multiple times. You deserve all the money they give you!

  14. Yesterday , I reached 1000 elo , and it all happened because of this video, thank you Levy

  15. I mean I wish 400 I play against played like this 😂

  16. i love how levy explains things for beginners with passion and tries to make it clear for the dumbest of us , i'm so thankfull

  17. im at level 1000 but its very hard to try to get any higher than that, it's very stiff competition

  18. bro that filipino name tho 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  19. Levy is the best chess teacher online man it’s not even close. His free content alone has made me somewhat of a decent chess player, whereas before I only thought I was a decent chess player 😂😂

  20. When Levy is in teacher mode he does such a good job of celebrating the success of good play at low levels. I feel like a lot of teachers not just for chess but for any subject can struggle with that but he just crushes it

  21. So my fellow filipino watching this, are we just gonna ignore the name of our fellow brother featured in this video?

  22. 3:34 LEVY : Black makes a blund black makes a pawn move😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Thank you so much, I was 42524 before watching the video, now I'm 1000

  24. 04:11 I'm around this elo and this is the kind of shit I struggle with; people making really dumb moves and it throws me off. Then I get flustered and blunder cause idk wtf is going on

  25. Thank you so much levy I was stuck at 1300 but now I am 1000!

    But all seriousness this is amazing! I am better than I ever was! I took a break for a year and came back to play I lost obviously but it was fun.

  26. Is there a list of the actual checklist you are referring to? Thanks in advance!

  27. It's 6/26 and i've been stuck at 600-800 elo for the last few months. Going to try these techniques and let you know when i hit 1000 elo.

  28. I’m verrry new to chess I was playing and blundered everything then watched this and beat an 800 Eli bot. I’m very happy🎉

  29. I think the reason behind beginners moving the a or h pawn in a very initial stage is that they want to open up the rook coz after many games they notice that rooks are really powerful in the endgame so why not use them in the opening?

  30. Thanks for the Lessons Levy. please do a course on how to find such horrible 550ish players. even i could see that and cant seem to get off 580!! thank you

  31. I would love a higher rated level video like this one, thanks

  32. Bro there's no frickin shot this is 500 elo I got like 300 elo and I so much better ppl

  33. I’ve recently reached 1100/1000 (I reached them both in the same day) I realised that playing while
    Tired is bad, also playing on the bus is bad, if you are serious take every game like it’s the hardest game and focus

  34. I don't get it, I am around 850, but I play better than this for sure. My opponents aren't so bad either. It's just that everyone I play knows, or sorta, openings and this stuff Levy talked about. Can somebody explain why?

    Or I can beat 1200 bot kinda without problems. I defeated even 1800… Well it was really hard but as I said 1200 isn't a big deal for me ig.. but my 900 opponents are better.. just why

  35. Me being 1300: Oh yea, definitely need this

  36. bro I'm still 400 and people for some reason notice everything and doesn't move the king like u said because they are a low rank players

  37. Gothamchess for tactics and agamator for strategies from the masters.

  38. Helpful video, thank you. I'm a beginner, so it's great to hear your commentary on the games and the principles/checklist.

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