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0:00 Intro
1:07 Game 1
12:44 Game 2
23:40 Game 3

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  1. My friend was 1131 elo and 1 hour later 568 because of me and I'm not even 400😁

  2. plzzzz say me your age…i wanna know how sloww i am

  3. Forgive me if i am dumb but if they dont move the knight or queen is knight f2 a good move in this position 10:59.

  4. I was 900 two days ago and now 1100 it was helpful thanks

  5. i feel i improve faster playing bullet especially 2+1

  6. He keeps touching his nose is that these effects of the cocaine

  7. Broo, q mala personaa. Has engañaoh al pobre chaval. Ahora tah llorando abrasaico a sus piernas en una esquinita. TIMADOR😥

  8. No… I just reached 1235… dont make me return 35 elo!

  9. I"m nowhere near 1200, but I found this so entertaining and helpful.

  10. When you trolled at the end of the second game 😆 😂😂😂 💀

  11. At minute 7:26 I'm pretty sure they saw that the pawn was hanging, they probably assumed that a 2800 wouldn't hang a pawn and there was some way to lose the queen

  12. why is bullet 1 minute when blitz is 3 minutes but a blitz (lightning in german ) is faster than a bullet

  13. Gano Milei. Viva la libertad carajo! Lo comento aca para ver si algun argentino responde

  14. I’m at a 1241 Elo at this particular time

  15. I didnt realise other people had access to tilt mode in chess aswell!
    Thought that was just a poker thing

  16. Thank you Levy for reminding us you’re 2800 every 2 minutes. I kept forgetting!

  17. Currently low to mid 1900s but this vid made 1200s seem a lot scarier than my usual opponents 💀

  18. when this video was released i was around 1000 , i had not even thought of reaching 1200 in such a short span of time .. now i am 1400 in just 6 months

  19. Tell me if you ever need to play one of ur noob 800 subscriber

  20. Wait if Levy hadn't sacrificed the queen at 21:47, then opponent could've blocked his check with his queen lol the sack WAS necessary! 😂

  21. I was 1350 before watching this video and I am now 1200 as the title promised. Good content, I subscribed

  22. Thanks man, now I don’t feel so bad being stuck in 1000-1100🤦🏻‍♂️ Saw you on Hells Kitchen BTW😁

  23. After this video, I finally reached 1200. I was stuck at 2600 for months!

  24. 900 here finally won a game by sacrificing the ROOK! 🎉

  25. Great, liked to learn new stuff. Thanks 🙏

  26. Ahh yes, I’ve reached 1200 before getting stuck at GM for a month 🙂

  27. Finally reached 1200, I was stuck at 1800 for so lon

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