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  1. I’m 160 Elo but I saw most thing the 1600 elo missed 😂

  2. 800 player here, just to confirm the authenticity of this legendary technique

  3. This works when your opponent doesn't really understand checkmating principles, which is why it stops working at higher ELOs. Your opponents learn how to checkmate in certain situations and they really fail to understand the concept of a mating net.

  4. I just love how in the beginning of the second game he says 1700 and then silently ads on lichess

  5. Imagine being that bad at chess you blunder mate being up so much material with mate in the evaluation lol

  6. im soo excited for more pro chess league with the gothank Knights!!

  7. Hey levy my rating was 1700 and i was playing really well but the i played a lot of game then i got really worse the i got to 1607 rating what is your advice for me

  8. I need @hikaru to react to this “magic” trick.

  9. How the hell that guy had 1700 ratings and can not find a mate in 2

  10. Double tsutswang

    Apologies for botching the spelling 😭

  11. Everyone focusing on last game :
    Me : Shocked after seeing the time left… 🤯😱

  12. Levy is the worst because he's too handsome and too good for chess.

  13. This just shows something that a lot of people overlook – king is quite a powerful piece himself. It can outmaneuver and destroy most other pieces except the queen, and it can be used offensively quite well in the endgame

  14. Use Control and Alt to get the different colours

  15. very helpful, got a draw against a fide master using this trick

  16. just won a game with this!!

  17. haha black checkmated himself was the top, too bad it was in the end.

  18. unbearable to watch now. only catering to the new chess players. most of them will be gone again and you will have lost all your original subscribers

  19. just yesterday i helped a friend trade from losing a whole bishop to equality, it was really an amazing moment but we still lost XD

  20. ah yes the secret jojo technique
    truly unexpected spoilers moment

  21. when i tried it, it actually worked, still shocked.

  22. I called gotham ugly on twitch and now i’m banned, pls unban me, i was just joking

  23. within an hour of watching this i won from -18 with it lmao

  24. I bet you spent more time thinking about how to clickbait people than making the actual video

  25. gotham help me please i found a cheater can you help me to ban him?

  26. Give the king a butter knife and get his ass out there!!!👉

  27. It sounds like the real secret to winning more games is finding mate in 2 or 3 when it's on the board.

  28. definetely they want to bully because the position is completely winning, and then they blundered, its so many mate, even 900 elo like me can see it, I also love bully my enemy who don't want to surrender lol

  29. I was wondering how I submit a game to you because I have had loads of really embarrassing games

  30. I actually got a stalemate from running my king. Black had a knight, bishop, pawn, and a king while I was in the corner trying to create a stalemate. And my elo is 460

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