When arch rivals meet- Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura

Encounters between Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura are always very exciting. Both of them are arch rivals of each other and want to fight until the bitter end. This game was played in the Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2019. You can find the complete video here:

In this video we have shortened the original video and also put in a digital board, so that you can follow the games better.

Video: ChessBase India
Edited by Shahid Ahmed

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  1. What a legend! One of the most talented & extremely hardworking chess players of alltime. The Great Magnus Carlsen

  2. Magnus Carlsen of Norway, who has held the title since 2013, is the undisputed king of chess, EVER! Sorry Russia and USA. Norway holds the title forf the longest ever!

  3. i dont get the ending. why wasnt it a draw? couldn't hikaru take the new queen if it spawned?

  4. Idk who’s decision it was to make the arrow mustard yellow and blend into the board but you’re a menace to society

  5. Why hikaru resigned? If magnus would have made a queen of that pawn, hikaru could have take it by the rook

  6. What a shame not to see the Indian crowd applauding. Disgusting

  7. They both look the same but as if different races.

  8. You complain people coughing you should be happy no one farted

  9. I have no idea what’s going on. I stumbled here while stoned but am thoroughly enjoying it

  10. We need the guy that commentates on soccer to start doing chess matches

  11. Game of cough rather than game of chess. India, you need to sort out your air pollution. You’re ruining high class chess game and your lungs! 😆😆

  12. The people sitting in the background look so bored and lazy that I can tell for sure that they don't even know much about chess and yet came to watch it.

  13. I just cant get over the dirt on magnus' shoulder

  14. what does hikaru says to magnus at the end? if there is anybody can understand that pls tell me 7:21

  15. Yoo what ! 😱 Is that the guy in the left I beat in chess like yesterday?? WOW 😱😱😱🤣

  16. i dont get it hikaru could easily draw magnus right??

  17. Una pregunta, en el 0:27, que hubiera pasado si ese peón negro se hubiera avanzado?

  18. I wonder how many pounds of mucus were swallowed that day

  19. Anyone else notice that magnus's shoulder is dirty when he returns after stepping away from the table?!

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