When Chess Cheaters Get Caught

Chess cheaters have been an ongoing issue for a while, so in this video we’ll be showing moments where these chess cheaters get caught during the act.


Note: Richard Rapport in thumbnail is not a cheater, just needed a thumbnail that was over the board
(Sorry in advance)


  1. Can you imagine the guy using a cheater program was thinking? He literally being told the best move for every action that Magnus takes…and still lost LOL!

  2. Bro Anand could have won but just see how briliant he is to let his opponent win

  3. A 2200 elo-raten player does not defeat a 2800 elo grandmaster. That is not a thing. I'm annoyed when people cheat in games. It's saying they don't know what they're doing and they have no talent. I can use something like that too and attempt to win against a grandmaster. I've walked away from the board for far less egregious cheating than that.

    If you can't do it, if you can't bring your A game, if you don't have an A game, do everyone else the massive favour of not getting in the way of people who are interested in playing the game.

  4. change the thumbnail, Richard Rapport never cheat

  5. How do you have all that money and cheat so obviously? 😂

    I would have pulled all my money if I was involved with any business with this guy.

  6. Yet another reason why billionaires should not exist.

  7. at that point you're no longer playing chess…

  8. Magnus has alien-implanted chip in his brain so complaining for cheaters is ridiculous.

  9. I don't even lknow how to play chess why am I heere..
    Although I do have a 100% win rate by winning a match by sheer luck so aha undeafeated

  10. I hate cheaters so much, I’ve played opponents with an accuracy of 97, and their rating only be 1000-1200, there is absolutely no reason I’m losing to such low rated players when my rating is 1800

  11. Why are the commentators playing dumb? Everyone who knows how to move chess pieces know that 400 elo player can't even beat a beginner…

  12. As a big Magnus fan i must say that Stocfish is actually able to destroy Carlsen, in the end of the day its one of the best chess computers.. Thing is, cheater didnt have enough time to put his moves into engine.. Thats why Carlsen will be always better than any of them. Even if they wouldve time, Magnus's draw changes are pretty high.. 🎉

  13. (the first video)
    Lol 😂 This is no surprise if you don’t see the player on the other end, it’s 50-50 chance to can get cheated. I remember facing someone rated 200, but I definitely feel he or she is not legit, because I have same experience when I playing with rated 1600 above.

    But what surprised me in this video is how fast he can respond, so maybe he got an accomplice beside him feeding him the moves.

  14. Slight misconception, not even Magnus can beat Stockfish, a cheater however is human and requires a set amount of time to use the engine, which means Magnus can move nigh immediately and the cheater will simply grind down his clock. That is to say, it's literally the only way he could have won that game.

  15. People cheat on people they "love" all the time. Are we really surprised about a board game?

  16. I know absolutely nothing about chess but it's 2am and it's time for me to watch the most random stuff that YouTube throws my way

  17. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

  18. AANAND was the world champion now not the magnus but magnus is amazing

  19. Im nodding to how he describes the moves, thinking i know what he talking abt

  20. 4:31 That's not what that means. Stockfish beats the best human player 100 out of 100 times.

  21. what i learned from playing cheaters in cs:go, they can shoot you like beasts and walk around you but they can never walk around the clock 😉

  22. only way is to cheat trough programs or ai .. if the person actually make the moves themself they could just have good moves to beat pro's.. if pro's disagree then there is this elite thingy wen elites never can get beaten .. after all both play on pc and the pro.. yes they can cheat to!!.. look at tournaments in gaming industrie people sometimes cheated for price pots of 500k and such.. and they got spotted on live events with that

  23. Dude. You cheated with the thumbnail

  24. Ok, this sound weird, but there is good reason to do this. GM hardly ever play against bot, especially in the top level. So if there's a chance to see a bot vs pro match a lot of people would cheat just to see how it will plays out.

  25. how to promote cheating by giving cheaters visibility, just to get viewers :/

  26. How the ef do you cheat on chess. Either you can make that move or you can't. I didn't see anyone cheat just making moves. Those people are just upset that they lost. Please tell me how someone can cheat.

  27. Cheating vishi in a charity event is low. Not to mention vishy is about the least deservent person of such disrespect.

  28. Why is somebody beating you cheating? A prodigy wouldn't have had a low rating at some point? Was Magnus always +2000? No.

  29. im trash 1300-1400 and i will never cheat. every bad loss teaches me something. ill never be a gm but i enjoy the strategy of the game

  30. Merci de changer de tumbnail.
    1 rapport n'a pas triché
    2 c'est du gros clickbait.

    En attendant j'ai signalé la vidéo

  31. I don't think we should be making them famous or giving them attention by making a video featuring the games they cheated.

  32. How can you basically cheat in chess? (Not a chess fan)😅

  33. That's why you don't mess with the World Champion and Grand masters in general they know every move of stockfish
    That was they're training ground 😂 so you're not fooling anyone

  34. I know he probably cheated, but if anyone did beat the streamer legitimately, they'd just be called a cheater too and not get paid…

  35. "Wow they're playing so well, must be cheating!"

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