When Chess Cheaters Get Caught

Chess cheaters have been an ongoing issue for a while, so in this video we’ll be showing moments where these chess cheaters get caught during the act.


Note: Richard Rapport in thumbnail is not a cheater, just needed a thumbnail that was over the board
(Sorry in advance)


  1. Imagine Rapport just scrolling through YouTube and sees the thumbnail

  2. I think I'll actually report this thumbnail for misrepresenting someone so poorly. You have enough followers and this video has enough views to actually damage someone's reputation. Shame on you.

  3. 4:40 something feels off about the name , lemme check
    Edit it's pronounced wish-wa-na-th(From Theodore) -aa -nund

  4. Those are no men, those are the most ridiculous little cheater sissies on the planet. Who knows how that billionaire really made his money? Says a lot about "character". What a shame to mankind.

  5. its called an alt account. not everyone is cheating.

  6. There were idiots who said Nikhil wasn't cheating after the game.

  7. These are bots, not even really players, that's the problem with playing online.

  8. The audience: "But Magnus you're in danger, cheater has a chess engine."
    Magnus with his integrated chess AI in his brain: "I'm not in danger, I'm the danger."

    Magnus Plays at the same frikin' level and wins on time 🤯

  9. I don’t understand the first one: where’s the proof that he was cheating?

  10. Reported this video. Thumbnail is misleading. more than a clickbait.

  11. man how tf does someone even cheats in this? a couple minutes in and he doesnt explain how

  12. Dude but what is ur proof they are cheating

  13. Remove the thumbnail or change it Rapport isn't a cheater. it is a sin to accuse someone like that

  14. This is why I stopped playing online two decades ago. Cheating is rampant at the lower levels too.

  15. It wasn't till about 4:40 that you bothered to explain that chess cheating is done by having some communication with a computer.
    Thumbs down for dumb reporting.

  16. the first one might give the impression that the player is cheating but rank don’t accurately dictate a person’s capabilities in chess. the accused player might’ve been a grand master for all we know…

  17. oh, so anyone that plays the magnus is automaticaly a cheater. i would personaly refuse to ever play a game with that big baby.

  18. What an absurd thumbnail. You should be ashamed

  19. @ 5:14 you can also literally see what appears to be the reflection of a monitor flickering on the far left wall. It's way too small to be a TV or monitor hanging on the wall. So it very well could be a reflection of a monitor he was looking at …

  20. Imagine getting shit on by a normal person and think he’s cheating. Happened to me was the funniest shit ever. Now I just attend the regular in person tournaments in person since little sissy famous chess players can’t take losing lmao

  21. It’s honestly depressing that people would cheat. Can’t imagine the thought of them getting banned too many times and getting frustrated that they keep getting caught but lord knows NO one can hide from the fair play team.

  22. cheater because he won and has lower ranking? so wheres the cheat? If he didn't use AI or some computer program I don't see reason to ban him

  23. sometimes when some normal person plays better than a champion then champions just call them cheaters as they cant do anything

  24. But where is Hans? I was vibrating the whole time in hopes of seeing him

  25. Stockfish would always defeat Magnus, you idiot. Stockfish would play perfect instantly, not having to be typed in.


  27. I wanna use a cheat bot and then just do the opposite of whatever it says I should do

  28. How ironic how you post a story on cheating yet you put up a deceptive thumbnail!! Unscrupulous!!

  29. LOVE that the cheater's picture is JC Denton and that you chose Deus Ex type music for it. If that was on purpose I send you gamer love ♥

  30. well, OBVIOUSLY – the problematic element of this equation is DIGITAL playing
    – don't do online tournaments – the fact that billionaire was cheating says everything about his persona and lack of ethics

  31. so other than calling people cheaters, they have zero evidence.

  32. Bad choice of a thumbnail. Rapport is an amazing player.

  33. Stockfish is impressive, it nearly won against Magnus

  34. change the thumbnail, Richard Rapport never cheat

  35. Magnus didn't beat stockfish, his opponent was just too dumb and wasted too much time.

  36. Why rapport in the thumbnail?
    Rapporting the video for the disrespect💀

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