Why You Are Bad At Chess

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0:00 Intro
1:02 Reason 1
5:00 Reasons 2 and 3

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  1. 😂mans sounds like a shocked sad parent

  2. I know why I am bad
    it is because my opponents are stupid
    I dont want to waste time so I only study best moves
    but my opponents keep playing average to bad moves to which I dont have a proper response in my repertoire
    so I'll get better when I get better opponents 🙃

  3. I still trying to wonder why sometimes I play above 80% accuracy… and others I play below 60%

  4. When he said any rook move is mate and then he does that, I almost wrecked 😂

  5. My biggest weakness is definetly openings and everything after I'm somewhat decent, but at that point I am usually behind.

  6. going to try and get above 2000 in a month, i am currently 1850 and have fixed the major issue i was having that made me stay in the same elo for the past 2 months. (not actually paying attention to what is going on)

  7. I love chess but I don’t know anything about it besides how the pieces move 😭

  8. I’m the worst player in chess history so thanks

  9. me watching this video even though im a super grandmaster with 2769 elo. its still I good video and levy is a fire🔥🔥🔥😎😎🕶👓🕶🕶🕶 youtuber.

  10. i sm not lying i didnt see the free knight but i see the knight that move

  11. I love your vids but 2 adds every 6 minutes is horrid

  12. I AM outside of the range of the video, I can’t reach 40l. No joke.😢

  13. I need to learn openings I just started play chess I don't even know what I do at the beginning is called I'm really bad lol

    Is the best way to learn openings, endgames, then learn Middle game?


  15. 14:33 I love watching him make fun of essentially the way I play at this point. It's humbling and informative.

  16. Levy got straight to the point with that thumbnail

  17. Those offended by this just gotta realize chess is a hard game. Everyone blunders everyone makes mistakes, otherwise there would only be draws.

  18. Gotham was laying down some 4D chess, and I got baited into taking the knight @5:35😅❤!

  19. i am good at chess but i always do a big mistake like put my queen in danger without noticing

  20. Got to around 2100 in a few months playing everyday and I actually learned a lot from this channel I’ve always played chess as a kid though so I had a head start I know I joke around but for real thank you levy for keeping chess alive and having a constant dedication to streaming I hope more kids in the future will play now Because of this

  21. Im well outside that range. Im on a mere 276. 🥲

    I was sitting so proudly with my 276 elo aswell

  22. Bruh i just lost 5 out of 6 games and stalemated once

  23. At 24:30, would bishop to a2 be a good move considering black could then attack the king using his queen

  24. I benefited from this lesson. All good reminders. Thanks

  25. I am bad at chess because I have no ambition to be good at it. I have very little chance of turning professional at my age and even if I could, I don't want to be a professional chess player.

  26. LEVY A SAW THE QUEEN TAKES PAWN CHAKE MATE OKAY “AGGRESSIVE SNIFF” WE ARENT ALL WORSE THEN YOU (except the most of us would probably get destroyed by you but I SAW IT ABD IM PROUD OF IT.

  27. Damn buddy… You're about to hit 3 million. My man! Congrats!

  28. The Five Fundamentals of Chess:
    1. Control of the Middle
    2. Safety of the King
    3. Understanding the Openings
    4. Considering your Opponents ways to take certain pieces.
    5. Trade if you're forced too.

  29. I totally fell for the reason one on the blitz game not going to lie

  30. I just got back into chess after many years away and I try to think about long term positions, but sometimes it's really hard to balance dealing with immediate threats and attacking ideas with long term play and understanding long term vulnerabilities.

  31. im 100% out of the range of this video becuase my elo is 100

  32. i struggle with just finding the co-ords on the board lol, like q5 etc

  33. Yep. I totally took the knight and hung mate in 1, you're right. 🙁

  34. I didn't even see the free knight, I'm on another level of tresh

  35. haha shame on all of you I'm not bad in chess, I'm bad in general

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