WIN AT CHESS in 6 moves!

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  1. bro i bring out my queen on my 3rd move😭💀

  2. how to win in 4 moves: e4 e5 e6, make sure they take with the bishop's pawn, queen h5 mate

  3. You aren’t supposed to kill the rook, you’re supposed to kill the king…

  4. How to win a chess game in 6 moves. Here’s all the moves you can make and still not win in 6 moves …

  5. "How to win a chess game in 6 moves"

    MoistCr1tikal: "Hey I've seen this one before"

  6. What If they are not in 1 million people

  7. What u think I was born yesterday my brotha ez counter

  8. he don't lost it, he just sacrificed THE ROOOOOK for check mate opponent in just 45 moves

  9. I cant seem to win even following step by step videos 😂

  10. Me having scholars checkmate in 4 moves: 🗿

  11. Old Benoni Defense, King's Indian Defense, Modern Benoni Defense, Queen's Indian Defense, Old Indian Defense, Dutch Defense, Benko Gambit, Grunfeld Defense, The Modern Defense, Englund Gambit, Old Indian Defense: Ukrainian Variation : Allow me to introduce myself

  12. Bro i do it without even knowing tgat was a think

  13. I like the part when he wins the game

  14. I wanted to do this but i got black 2 games in a row and i dont wannna keep trying playing white bruh
    Edit: nvm im gonna try it with wally lol
    Second edit: reseted 4 times and he always played KF6 bruh imma try with isabel
    Third edit: she declined or moved a knight, gonna try with Antonio now
    Fourth edi: gonna try with Nelson.
    Fifth edit: now sven.
    I give up they never accept the queen's gambit bye

  15. What do you think? We are stupid? ONLY AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE😂😂

  16. I played the Louisiana gambit I call it that because it’s like the queen gambit but reverse it practically

  17. holy crap, i see that defense so often against me, why didn't i think of that

  18. You guys can "WIN" a chess game by just capturing the rook.😂💀

  19. Instructions unclear, the board is flying away

  20. Half of chess players still losing after this

  21. Capturing the rook doesn't mean you've won that match 😊😊😊😊

  22. Why not e4 after d×c4? Iam nt very familiar with this queens gambit accepted theory

  23. Instructions unclear
    I sacrificed my king on the 9th move.

  24. Wow 6 moves meanwhile it’s possible to win as early as 4

  25. Why does Levy think we will win just bc we are up a piece?

  26. Is it possible to bring that number down to three moves?

  27. Unless they don't resign and you somehow lose the game

  28. Hey man as a beginner. Slow tf dooown man im not watching ts

  29. Everyone is gangsta until budapist Gambit arrives🗿🗿

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