WIN AT CHESS In 8 Moves!

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  1. noo he didnt say i like to finish fast 😢

  2. I won a game with a real person in 4 moves

  3. But before you scro-
    Comes back to leave this comment

  4. When you're cringe but leftist don't want to offend you to tell you your cringe

  5. I love the vids but in a real game they don’t all exact moves

  6. Why can't bishop take queen before the black bishop came to c4

  7. Realistically it would be like.
    1. Zeno/s
    1. Grand priest
    1. Zalama
    4. Super Shenron
    5. Vados
    6. Whis
    7. Marcarita
    8. Sour
    9. Cognac
    10. Camparri

  8. "here is how you can win a game of chees in just 8 moves"
    playes F4

  9. I dont have friends to play with 💀

  10. Levi when he's out of content :- HOW TO BEAT CHILDREN 💀

  11. Yo bro,Please dont move that pawn and move the bishop
    them: moves the pawn

  12. Double tap comment – like
    Triple tap comment -go to comment's comments

  13. Wow Thats Amazing
    Watches 5 hours
    This is an Loop bruh

  14. I did it and he defended with the queen

  15. I have played this position
    Ofcourse i win

  16. My kuya teach me how to play chess I kept lossing😭

  17. The bishop:lesgooooo I got sacced
    The knight at the corner::(

  18. Knight really crying in corner very bad

  19. I think the guy is wrong about the best chess piece. First of all, pawns can just turn into a queen anyway, so you have two queens. Rooks can checkmate better than queens. Queens can move anywhere, but they can be taken by the next player easily. I would also say Knights are the best chess piece. Yes, I know knights can only move diagonally. But you can fork pawns, queens, even a king. So that just leads us with rook and knight because pawns can be forked. Yes, I also know pawns can fork as well. They can only move up. Knights cant checkmate easily than the rook. So that leaves us with rooks and bishops. Bishops can move straight. Bishops can check, but not checkmate like the rook. So, the rook is the chess piece. This is just an opinion.

  20. opponent: instead of Bc3 does Kc3
    Me: mother fu-

  21. "Have you ever tried to play chess?"

  22. Instructions unclear,got mated in 2 moves

  23. What if he moves the Knight instead of bishop

  24. Assuming if the opponent makes those moves…lol

  25. I would probably see about 3 if these moves as white, it wouldn't work against me and I'm BAD

  26. After …Qe7 as white i would play Qd5

  27. meanwhile knight at b1- Am I joke to you?

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