Win EVERY Game With Hikaru’s Opening! | Chess Openings

Win EVERY Game With Hikaru’s Opening! | Ches Openings
In today’s video I look at two of Hikaru’s games in which he plays his signature opening. The opening involves a simple attacking plan and arises out of a move order of the modern. There are many other lines I plan on covering so Please lmk if you liked this video

Time stamps:
00:00 – Vs Hou Yifan!
05:21 – Vs Fabiano Caruana!

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  1. this opening is pretty cool, i have always wondered if it had a name or if nakamura invented it as i have only ever seen play it on stream a ton of times alongside other offbeat openings such as iconic b3 and e3!

  2. didnt niemann play this a few times too

  3. Super interested in Hikaru’s openings!! 👏👏

  4. Please make a video on what to do if White directly plays c4 on the second move after 1.d4 d6 and also show us what to do if White plays d5 after 1. d4 d6 2. d5. It's ok if the video lasts longer but please cover these parts.

  5. What a great upload,many thanks…Hikarus tiled tuesday reti white opening is very effective.

  6. i took this to my local chess club after watching this yesterday and beat alot of players. they thought it was kings Indian defense and by the time a stacked my rooks it was m1 three times in a row vs three 1200 players

  7. I actually know Hicaru I asked him and he said these were his openingfs he also said subscrube to jerjoes chess Chanel it is very epic

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