Win Fast: Chess trap to checkmate in 7 moves! – chess tricks #chess #shorts

This trap is called BlackBurne Shilling Gambit. You can play this chess trap with black pieces and win in 7 moves only! #chess #shorts


  1. This can also be played if u know how to play against the fried liver

  2. No it's not checkmate bishop can kill the pony

  3. What if your opponent is too dumb to play that way

  4. Tell me you are single without telling me you are single

  5. Bsdk ek bhi move idhar udhar ho gaya to game khallas

  6. Knight takes a pawn when he can take the knight 😂

  7. Checkmate won't be happen as we can change the place of king n elephant

  8. He will not capture your poin he will capture your night😈😈

  9. What to do if opponent played d5 please anyone say

  10. e4 e5
    Nf3 Nc6
    Bc4 nd4
    Nf3xe5 Qg5+
    Nf7. Qg5xg2
    Rf1 Qg2xe4+
    Be2 Kf3

  11. And he sacrificed "*THE KNIGHT*"

  12. But he moving the bishop then what we have to do😢

  13. All fake because you keeping king and queen wrong

  14. What if knight of white beat black knight instead of pawn ?????

  15. Opponent use bishop to F7 and give a check😂

  16. Very bakwaas chess tarp I am doing with friend goes wrong

  17. Bro he can capture your horse by his bishop

  18. You are not offering him a pawn, you are giving your knight

  19. What is he blocks with queen instead of Bishop in the last?

  20. Hey dude you don't know king stand on square E

  21. camelwillkillthehorse andqueentokillthecamelandtheopponentplayeralsoqueenkilltherenocheckmate

  22. What if he does not move the rook but offers it ?💀💀

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