WIN In 4 Moves | Jobava London TRAP

Thousands of chess players have been trapped in 4 moves in the Jobava London System!

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  1. Not really, right? e5 is blacks way out, black is not lost. It's only plus one for white.

  2. As i practising this opening, i always forgot to wait for the knight c6 and the knight will go to a6 lol. Oh and i realised some people will go for a6 when they see the third move, can you cover that line? Thanks!

  3. damn it, ive been playing this for half a year and now everyone gunna defend against it now :L

  4. My opponent wasn't stupid and blocked with the pawn after his pawn takes he kicked out my knight with a6
    (Even if he takes another pawn the bishop takes and you'll have a very strong bishop on the weak long diagonal

  5. easy defence play a6 preventing the knight moving to b5

  6. Basically after White's Knight move, King's pawn to e5 will block off the path of the black bishop.

  7. Pros playing with e5 and knowing what's going to happen

  8. My favourite opening for white

  9. Wrong black can move the pawn in front of the king 2 squares

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