WIN In 5 Moves | Caro-Kann Defense TRAP

Beat the Caro-Kann Defense with this nasty checkmate trap!

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  1. “And then you sacrifice…..THE RO…oh wait no”

  2. Nd7 is a bad move anyway
    You blocked your own bishop

  3. Imagine watching your own opening getting destroyed… even though Nf6 is never an option… if the e-pawn can advance…

  4. "Exchanging center not a problem" It just gives back a tempo and equalize in 3 moves with black

  5. Well in a video you covered all the lines for Black and they are winning.😎
    By seeing this video, I am avoiding this trap.😏

  6. That's all great and everything, just one small little tiny detail – nobody plays Nf6 in that position!!!

  7. Even if they did Nf6, why would they go back when they can just play Ng4?

  8. Every Caro player would exchange, because we are Levy followers.

  9. Why whould i play Nd7 i wouldnt want to block my bishop?

  10. I enjoy these. Keep 'em coming. I should learn some openings anyway.

  11. Why tf would they move their knight there just to get it kicked

  12. Stop this guy from alien gambitting!! 🔥🔥🗣🗣💯

  13. If they play well this doesn't work tho, system players don't usually blunder this early in the game

  14. Bro who goes nf6 some 300 elo player? Every caro kann player takes the pawn

  15. How is this showing mercy? They had 6, 6 and 3.5M = 15M to your 11M. You had les troops anyway. And just 35% of the land.

  16. This is an example of not being experienced at caro kann. As a carokann player the main idea for caro kann is to exchange the center pawn and aint nobody playing nf6

  17. The Landau Gambit. This is the best winning gambit because you lose by accepting it

  18. Nobody that knows the Carl lamb would play those moves

  19. e6 isn’t a brilliant move I have personally done this trap before and I can straight up tell you guys e6 isn’t a brilliant move but Bxg6 is

  20. 90%+ of caro kan players are snapping that e4 pawn off and then following up with nf6 and youve just wasted time and the centre

  21. Similar game like mine game i am white =e4 d5 bishop to d3 knight to f6 e5 knight to d7
    E6 pawn takes pawn queen to h5 check
    G6 queen takes g6 pawn takes queen bishop takes pawn- check mate

  22. And then he sacrifices THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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