Win In 7 Moves By Turning Ruy Lopez Into Fried Liver Attack

Even advanced-level players fall into this trap!

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  1. After e4xd5, play Bd6. Then Nd5 or castle 🏰

  2. And then he sacrifices THE KNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I ve tried all of these moves and none of them work..

  4. With all due respect, that would still be playing for traps, and going with a line which can leave you butt naked if the opponent plays well.
    I used to play for traps too, but i couldn't improve. Now I have stoped this bad habit of mine. But then, maybe everybody has to go through this phase to finally grow up ? I don't know.
    Good day everyone.

  5. Can you maybe start making content for actual players and not 800 elo dudes? Like cmon dude if someone is a beginner he ll go watch levy and not you anyways

  6. this trap is good until opponent play bishop to c5

  7. I don't like how he's not showing white's typical response, Ke6 defending the knight after which there's a lot of theory to watch out if you want to keep a slight advantage and not lose on the spot

  8. Hmmm i think queen d4 if knight is taken by the stupid bishop and the other horse eats the middle pawn then queen d4 is fun i think the right move is developing other horse instead

  9. is this work on magnus bot? 😂😂😂

  10. These men are delusional while talking about traps

  11. No way I lost to exactly this move the other day when I played a game with my experienced friend lol

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