WIN With the London System | Simple & Powerful Opening for White

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the main ideas of the London System along with the common middlegame plans and attacking patterns for White.

You will learn to counter several responses of Black against the London System including the Bd6 line, early c5 and Qb6, the King’s Indian Defense setup, and the symmetric 2…Bf5. Knowing these common attacking patterns will give you a tremendous edge over your opponents!

► Chapters

00:00 London System Traps & Middlegame Plans
01:40 1) 4…Bd6 – should you exchange or not?
01:56 1st Attacking Pattern: Ne5
03:33 If Black plays 5…0-0 instead of 5…c5
05:11 2) If Black plays 4…Be7
06:42 2nd Attacking Pattern: Delaying castling
08:30 If Black tries to exchange pieces in the center
09:03 3rd Attacking Pattern: Pushing the h-pawn
12:13 3) If Black plays 2…Bf5
12:40 4th Attacking Pattern: Queenside attack
14:05 4) If Black plays c5 and Qb6
14:30 5th Attacking Pattern: Aiming the c7-square
15:50 5) Black plays King’s Indian Defense setup
16:23 6th Attacking Pattern: Grab the center
17:29 7th Attacking Pattern: Rush into attack
18:55 Counter the London System as Black

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  1. one of your best videos….nah…it is your best video

  2. Best chess coach ever 😊one video owen defense part 3

  3. oh wow the london! haven't seen this on any channel where retired IMs try to sell some system opening garbage courses! KeEp uP tHe GrEAT wOrk

  4. I will report you to ISCF (International Serious Chess Federation) for popularizing an unaccepted opening like london. I will also file a cancelling GM title application. No serious, titled player is allowed to treat london as a legit opening.

  5. The london is also great to have to move order between Queens Gambit and itself. starting with d4 and Nf3 wont reveal anything and if you play both you can choose on move 3 what you would like to play

  6. I must say that you have a deep understanding of Chess 🙂

  7. pls keep posting such videos for us…Thanks

  8. excelente clase master gc porfa los pgns

  9. Igor Smirnov 2 weeks ago: “Beat the London”

    Igor Smirnov now: “Win with the London”

  10. At 13:43 why can't Black play Nd7 to protect the rook?

    edit: just realized, if black protects the rook then white could take the pawn with their bishop and then win a bishop

  11. played this system. work like a charm on my 1st try!!

  12. Hi Gm Igor! . I just wanted to say that I am having trouble signing up for your courses. Whenever I try to sign up, the website tells me that the "Username/Email address is existing" . Then when I go to "Log In" it tells me that my username or password is wrong " . I don't know what to do. I tried to sign up with other emails and it still didn't work.

  13. I still will push my bishop to g4 even if the knight isn't there. Most of the time they are so regid in the system they just move the knight three anyway. If they push the pawn that's fine as I love just not letting them get their perfect setup.

  14. Brother must be awarded Nobel chess Prize ..coz He made dedicated videos

  15. Could you please do a video on colorado gambit for black it seems very aggressive

  16. Overall good video, but you should probably explain why Nd7 doesn’t work at 13:40 for those who don’t see it.

  17. Personally I think both players lose when white wins with the London 😅

  18. No rambling, no arrogance, no fast unexplained talking just professional teaching. Perfect.

  19. The thing about e5 move attacking White's first move d4 is, that you are gambling against literally every opening of d4, opponent can play d4 with intention of playing c4 or Nf3 or Bg5. I mean, that is more like a recommendation, how to play against every d4 than just London haha. So if you learn this sequence with e5 against d4, then you are playing against all d4 openings, which is kinda nice because it is the second most played move after e4. I'm actually struggling against d4 the most, I prefer to play king's indian defence or Nimzowitch defense with Bb4, but you cannot play it against all d4 openings, e5 just cuts it and you can always focus on the same board, because almost everyone will take that pawn od e5.

  20. Best London video in years,thankyou!

  21. You amazingly explain everything which brings hope to win in chess by just following tactics, you are doing great job👍

  22. Simply best, you are best teacher , thanks a lot of beautiful explanation on London system 🎉🎉🎉

  23. Great teaching system…many lines explained…Just solid and good… keep up the good work!

  24. I'm a KID player and I'm used to pushing my pawn to d6. However, if it's 1.d4 Nf6 2.Bf4 g6 3.Nc3 then I will go 3..d5, simply delaying fianchetto for one move

  25. I never need to deal with the London if I play the Englund Gambit instead 🙂

  26. When I play london as white, I get beat ever time.

  27. I got annihilated last week trying London. Black played pawn B6 and pulled the bishop out and took my rook on move 2. It was a bloodbath. I lost in like 11 moves or something

  28. 18:22… In this position the king can still move to d8 or d7 and can take our knight after the discovered check of Nxc7+… So isn't it better if we move Nb5 instead of Nd5 so that the king won't come to protect the pawn?

  29. I always start my game with London system

  30. Damm igor just watched this video n won 2 games in a row with it im at 980 elo so still low but this now my new favorite white opining ahead of the danish gambit i got from another one of ur videos

  31. I enjoyed this, as a middle aged player with insufficient time and memorization ability, this suits me to a T

  32. At 15:03, what if black goes queen a5, forking yor King and Knight? I just lost a game to this.

  33. I've watched of few of your lessons and I thought this was your best. I'm not sure of the reason but I think the pace was a bit slower than normal. Good job.

  34. I am currently 1200 and I have been playing a lot of queens gambit, and there are a few lines where I get a worse position. I feel like learning the london system hand in hand with queens gambit is completing your d4 opening strategies. Because the london system makes up for things that queens gambit doesn't do. Really amazing explanation.

  35. Ok ok so if they bring their light squared bishop out to pin your knight to your Queen. What is the best way to destroy that threat?

  36. Caruana's 4… Nh5 seems to be a great weapon for black.

  37. can we play the london system without a queen????

  38. at 10:10 minutes why cant black take the pawn with the bishop its backed by the queen.

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