Winning Chess Opening TRAPS in the Bishop’s Opening

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov talks about one of his most favourite chess openings for White, which is the Bishop’s Opening happening after 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4.

This opening comes with a lot of attacking ideas and deadly traps for White. Very often, Black’s most natural-looking moves and the most played moves lose the game for them very badly.

In this video, you will learn some really cool traps and winning ideas for White after Black responds with 2…Nf6.

► Chapters

00:00 Bishop’s Opening for White
00:37 Line-1: 3…Bc5 most played move
02:55 Trapping the Black Queen
03:37 Line-2: 3…Nxe4 Aggressive Gambit Style
05:11 If Black plays d6 to defend e5
05:59 If Black plays f6 to defend e5
07:28 If Black declines exf4
08:52 Can you find the winning combination?

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  1. greatest chess channel. Do you have a video to counter queen's opening?

  2. Bishop to c4 sets a trap for the Queen. That’s all I see

  3. this opening is discussed on many youtube channel, now this is becoming the most played.

  4. Nd6 is the move. But if that is the move, we should have executed that move one step before only.

  5. I followed well until Nf3 but then he did nxe4 so I did nxe5 and then he just did d5 😅😅

  6. Dear sir i watch' your all'video, really amazing, you institution of chess, my chess game improved…. thanks Sir God bless you

  7. 8:11 doesnt the queen just go back to E8? now the horse is hanging if it moves you take queen if not you take horse then threaten queen

  8. I try this and even the computer doesn't move the same for this trap to work

  9. I've been playing on the app on my phone but I get stalemate and draw most games

  10. What if the first knight they develope is the queen knight protecting the pawn? What to do then?

  11. nd6 check-pxn ,bg6 fork the queen and king

  12. 1:53 Why would black take with the rook instead of just moving the queen?

  13. most of the time they will just do a scholar mate

  14. ► Chapters

    00:00 Bishop's Opening for White

    00:37 Line-1: 3…Bc5 most played move

    02:55 Trapping the Black Queen

    03:37 Line-2: 3…Nxe4 Aggressive Gambit Style

    05:11 If Black plays d6 to defend e5

    05:59 If Black plays f6 to defend e5

    07:28 If Black declines exf4

    08:52 Can you find the winning combination?

  15. To be fair, if Black knows the Traxler then this is all null and void. Nice to know though Igor, some great moves.

  16. This gambit is very crazy tricky! I have ever analyse this gambit and the best move are very weird and unnature!

  17. Just transpose into the Two Knights with 3…Nc6 if it's part of your repertoire after 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6. Or in the Boden-Kieseritsky line (which he refers to as a Stafford reversed) after 8.f5 of course not 8…g5?? but rather 8…Qg7 and Black retains his pawn advantage and has consolidated. …g5 should only be played after 9.fxg6 hxg6 10.Qg4 Kd8 (protects the bishop on c8 and thus threatens …d5) 11. Qg3 and NOW 11…g5. This GM is NOT doing amateurs any favors by showing them SHIT openings.

  18. 9:05 Nd6 forking the King and a Queen. If Black takes by pawn or bishop doesn't matter, you put your bishop to g6 and in all of sudden Queen is caught.

  19. 8:11 I think here you forgot to mentio that Queen to E8 is the best move for black, not so difficult to find and it protects both the queen and rook, white's attack is not really that good?

  20. These moves do work on players 1300 hundred and below.

  21. Yes, after knight e5 black can't mimic anymore, but that doesn't mean it has to castle short next move – could also play the Busch-Gas-gambit and go out with the other knight, simply ignoring white's threat of infiltrating on f7 – there are still promising lines to treat that!

  22. Wow a pesar de que no hablo inglés creo que la combinación es Cd6+ cxd6 y Ag6 clavando a la dama

  23. the combo is Nd6+ if cxd6 then Bg6 pin the queen.. double pieces attacking the black queen of Nd6 and Bg6

  24. First check with the horsie then bishop skewers queen and king on g6

  25. 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿Uzbekistan is champion

  26. 1.Nd6+ cxd6 (else Nxf7 +-) 2.Bg6 winning the Queen for two minor pieces.

  27. What will happen after taking e5 with the knight, queen goes to e7 according to the "funny version"? I´m German, so please appologize my bad English.

  28. The first lime shown is the busch-gass gambit for black, with 3.Nc6 if black takes the pawn with 3.Nxe5. FM William Graif has a video on it and its a really fun defense if you want to check it out. Its kind of like a traxler but improved

  29. Just another good video. My chess game has improved alot since using your technical moves

  30. Answer for puzzle: 1. Nd6+, Bxf6 or cxf6
    2. Bg6 ✅ – 📌 pinning the Queen

    Reason for knight to d6 check is for the royal fork, forcing black to focus on the current threat of the knight threatening the king itself and the queen, while at the same time we are a step ahead, because the bishop resting on d3 is now free to go to g6 to pin the queen to the king.

    So by the time black finishes reacting to the immediate threat of the royal fork by taking the knight with the pawn on c7 or with the bishop resting on f8, it's too late to save black's queen, since our light-squared bishop can freely move to g6, and more or less, the game is over.

  31. There is no way to save black s queen.

    Pretty sure it’s knight d6+ (forking king and queen).
    Black must take the knight with his pawn.
    Then you follow with bishop g6, attacking the queen and X ray the king.

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