Winning in 10 moves (Scandinavian Defense chess trap) #shorts


  1. I love that Fork that’s the move of the Game game over

  2. What if they put it between the horse and bishop

  3. I had this exact game, they resigned after the queen got forked

  4. Actually once knight takes the c2 pawn it forks the queen, king and the rook, becoming a triple fork

  5. In this same opening my opponent took the pawn with Queen and i attacked it with my knight . And the next move he played was brilliant Q*to C6 😂 don't know what he was thinking then i pinned the queen to the king with my bishop and after thinking for 2 minutes He resigned 😢

  6. When they try to threaten the queen with the knight in the beginning I just deliver a check, it just looks cool

  7. my opponent did exactly this and he resigned lol

  8. Who plays the Scandinavian and blocks their c pawn with the knight?

  9. There’s a mate in 6 so e4 e5 k to f3 black take the pawn ke5 pawn to f6 attacking our knight we check with the queen and after pawn to g6 we put our light squared bishop to c4 when they take the queen bishop f7 is mate bc the bishop checks defended by the knight and the knight covers the kings last escape square hope this helps 😊

  10. Dude u have 800 elo these traps are just right for such people in intelligence, like the author of this video

  11. Fork with knight is so visible, nobody gonna take bishop

  12. No one that actively plays the Scandinavian plays knight to c6 the best line is to play pawn to c6 leaving yourself an escape.

  13. In my games they always go 3 …Qe5+ or Qe6+

  14. bre I play the Scandinavian defense every game and my god that's the worst way to play it
    also 1400 Btw

  15. Me when my opponent plays different moves: 👁️👄👁️

  16. lol we Scandinavians dont take the knight after h3

  17. I wish if this is how chess works in real

  18. My opponent always every single time instead of moving the queen on a5 they go on E 5 checking me

  19. "How to win at chess if your opponent is brain dead"

  20. In the Scandinavian you're meant to move pawn to C6 so your queen can escape and won't get trapped

  21. If I was white, after they attack the queen with their knight I just give them a check for no reason because that's how I roll

  22. My opponenet after takes takes just gives me a check by Qe5+

  23. What is this opening called because I am looking for a counter attack against the scandi

  24. That’s why I always move my queen back to d1

  25. Mokele-mbembe is better opening for black

  26. But no opponent takes you first knigt with their bishop

  27. I like it but after h3 pretty sure most scandi players hold on to n pin rather than xchg b for n

  28. “Knight to c3, attacking the queen, which goes to a5”

    No, it actually doesn’t

  29. Yeah nah, this is not how the Scandinavian is played bro… Most players who use the Scandinavian are smart enough to push their C pawn on the 2nd or 3rd move

  30. Nobody plays Queen to to A file in the firsr 4 moves lol.

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