WORKS EVERY TIME😂😂😂 chess opening:- sicilian defence

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Try out this variation of the Sicilian in your games, it’s sound and if black plays correctly, both sides would be fine

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  1. Actually the move order is inaccurate; you should take the bishop on f8 with check first and then take the Queen, winning you an extra knight

  2. One of the most common lines, where black purposefully makes easy to see blunders in the line

  3. Yup! Im here after finishing The Queens Gambit..

  4. Nice video. I will use this line in the future.

  5. i am not experienced with chess , but can someone please tell me why black didnt just move his horse out to the first square in front of the first pawn, protecting the queen from mating the king, instead of conceding?

  6. Everything works until the black plays g6 to stop the mate….

  7. When black opens with c5 he was trying the Sicilian but I think he didn't know how to Excute a Sicilian

  8. What happens when he moves g6 instead of e6 after moving the Queen on H5

  9. I dont get it.. why doesn't move black the pawn to g6 .. it would attack the queen and also give a pretty nice defense

  10. Personally a stronger player who had black could have crushed you

  11. Who the fuck would take with horse and not the queen?

  12. Wrong…if you were better you woukd teach about intermezzo moves.
    After ….nd2 nf8+ ….rf8 then qa5.
    No noobs shoukd just look at ways not to fall for this but the idea of tactics and how to formulate plans in chess. You want to learn tactics? Take out the pawns and focus on minor pieces and how they coordinate to form forks, skewers and mating nets.

  13. Black taking pawn is possible, but it slows development significantly.
    White castles long and…

  14. I really don't know why I am laughing at the last step 😂😂😂

  15. he could have won on his third turn by putting rook on B5?

  16. Why doesn’t black just take the knight in the end idgi

  17. It does not work because after Nxe6 qe7 is played because you cannot go for Nc7 as Kd8 Nxa8 Ng3 is a queen loss for white and if you take Bxd7 he will take back with the Knight so you will lose the knight if you try to save it by Nd4 or Nf4 Ng3 is a queen loss so eventually white will be a queen or Knight down or if you play f3 that is also a losing position for white

  18. After QH5 is there any reason black wouldn't play Pawn G6 to attack the queen and block everything?

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  20. I'm new to chess, I start playing chess for maybe 2 months, so the question is why did the black resign when they lost their queen?

  21. A grandmaster once said give me a pawn and I'm dangerous, give me 2 pawns you must resign. Being a Queen down is game over against a grandmaster.

  22. Night xe4 is a mistake..any player who plays sicilian can't do this move..

  23. The black king can take the knight at e6 and deny the checkmate
    Edit: found another loophole if the black knight eats the white bishop at d7. The w.queen cant move up to d8 bc the rook can eat it.

  24. Dude I seen so many different things Black could've done to turn this around 😂
    They must have just started learning the Sicilian defense when they played that or it's a really bad bot lol

  25. So many things wrong with blacks play here. “Works every time” bro he played NF6 how many times have you honestly faced a Nimzo Sicilian

  26. This is bullshit. Black can just capture bishop on b5.

  27. Is this an actual opening? I dont play any gambits at the moment so i haven't seen this one yet

  28. Extremely slim chances of getting this variation. Good luck if it happens in a lifetime against a rated player.

  29. pov: you're playing against a bot

    (bots don't resign)

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