Worst chess opening and how to beat it

Learn how to crush the Albin Countergambit by watching this chess gameplay where I explain the moves you have to know to win against this tricky chess opening.

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  1. i think you had a brilliant combonation at 2:37. b6 discovered check Bd7 (or Qd7 it dosent matter) Qxa7!!!! brilliant queen sac. they have to take because there rook is trapped, Rxa7 bxa7 and they cant stop you makeing a new queen

  2. Just played against the Albin. I used your tipps and my opponent resigned. Followed you for that

  3. dont lie thge worst opening is the damianos defence

  4. 3:10 “my night is under attack twice” aah yes attack he own piece I mean he is a 1 Elo TOTALLY 1 ELO

  5. I’m almost the exact same rating as this guy but for some reason his thoughts seem so much more competent than mine.

  6. lets be honest the worst ever chess opening is the one where you put 4 pawns in he center

  7. 1:30 slide the knight and ride it… they gonna pin you BLUNNDER! big mistake i take b4!

  8. What happened to your Fortnite videos? I really liked them

  9. 4:41 is wrong the chess engine clearly indicates that its a blunder

  10. Pawn E4 Since Eñ Passant Is Forced. And Queen Captures Queen Check, King Captures And Loses It's Castling Rights

  11. Seems like a Catalan variation to me for White

  12. "Here's the moves it starts with."

    slide the queen and bait it

  13. At 3:12 he said his knight was under attack by his own bishop 😂

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