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  1. Black best move this time d5 against check with bishop 😀

  2. Does this win you Killer Pawn achievement

  3. Ps: this tactic works only against people who only know basic movements.

  4. move pawn in front of the knight on king side for black. why move the king into danger? I dont know man….this video is suspect.

  5. you'll lose a couple pieces but here is a way out. kiss that rook goodbye. but its not over. but to not mention that pawn. always check your pawns first.sometimes its just that simple.

  6. What if when white plays Qh5 black decides to do nf6?
    Edit: nvm I'm dumb it doesn't work lol

  7. I'd have just moved my pawn up and threatened the queen forcing you to move it and allowing myself to open up a little with a free knight?

  8. Literally no one is just gonna keep moving their king like that when other pieces can defend it easier

  9. Can somebody explain cause I know this much about chess you cannot move other player pieces and why is the game moving so fast

  10. Why not move that pawn to block the queen? Then move your bishop In front of the king? Where does this defense go wrong?

  11. This mf is actually rocking the broccoli hair are you 16 dude frfr on god

  12. See the opponent move one pawn forward… GGs kid.

  13. why would someone not just move the pawn to g6 to block the queen

  14. why would you not just push the g7 pawn to block. Why move your king

  15. What if black moves pawn to g6 after the mate.

  16. i played this as a little kid against Nigle Short 😅 horribly lost 😅

  17. Now I know why I kept losing 😢 thanks 😅

  18. I love how I actually start to learn to be better at chess just by watching random shorts

  19. bruh my classmates sometimes do that lol and didnt even noticed that this is possible

  20. Can’t you just move the g2 pawn forward once when he goes queen h3?

  21. the computer library-مكتبة الكمبيوتر says:

    Anyone noticed that he looks just like vaas from farcry 3?

  22. When you go bc4 they can block with d5 which you can take but now you can’t go qf5 because of the c8 Bishop

  23. me literally playing after the video and this person does the damiano defense. know I'm going to win

  24. Surely black would just block with the knight and then all you are able to do is take the pawn with check, black blocks with the bishop and now you’ve traded a knight for a pawn. Like how is this good for white? Am I missing something?

  25. Wouldn't black just respond to queen h5 with pawn g6 or am I missing something.

  26. So if you play queen h5, what is stopping black from play pawn g6 to block the check??

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