You have to know this queen’s gambit Chess Opening trap


  1. Nice video bobby, where on earth do you get the inspiration 😉

  2. What was the point of moving the first bishop though

  3. bobby stop pretending youre an ai voice generator

    Bobby: you hAve to know this

  4. You had so much energy back then what happened

  5. Who in his right mind would play bishop to D5 so early 😮+?! That's a bit stretched

  6. No one moves the c pawn on the opening but ty

  7. isnt there a similar line for white in the Caro Kann? i may be incorrect

  8. cant castle = winning position yeah right

  9. Nbd7 is better so you can transpose into a semi Slav if they don’t fall for it

  10. Didnt you move the pawns in the wrong order for a queens gambit decline opening tho?

  11. Guys, you should also learn the lasker trap (in the albin countergambit)

  12. You don’t have to know this. After you reach 1000elo people quickly stop falling for opening traps

  13. You have to know this,
    here's the moves that it starts with,
    and after the voicecrack opening,
    play the drinking water defense.

  14. Ah so this is why my opponent always plays e6 when I play d4 not realizing im going for the london

  15. This would work if I could get someone to play the nimzo setup lol

  16. I think this would only work against much weaker players, because when someone understands the point of the queen's gambit they know that it's a gambit playing c4 if they haven't played d5 isn't a gambit, if they don't play e5 then just continue with natural development, the queen's gambit isn't valid anymore


  18. Sim wondering how white bishop mine helped set up the trap

  19. me who's trying to count the materials to see if he's lying or notXD

  20. Summary: you have to trade queens in Queens Gambit 👍👍

  21. I rather be able to castle than to be up a pawn but in this run out you’re down a pawn so maybe find a different defense

  22. If they play bxf6 first you are just worse. Its a cheap trick imo

  23. Instead of bd7 can you do nc6? That way you can recapture with the knight and still keep castling rights

  24. Instructions unclear the knight on c6 didnt take the pawn

  25. he white has the more powered picces and it's a worst trick

  26. How dafuq is this a trap you only win a knight

  27. And then he sacrifices THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. “Knight to c3” “proceeds to move the knight to f6”

  29. but you trade queens early game.. this is something that would rarely be used

  30. You could probably make a better one where you don’t sac your Queen

  31. It's better to start with D5 in case they play some other move. It still transposes to the same position anyway.


  33. If oppenet plays c4 then only it works

  34. Or you can play Nd7 instead of Bd7. It's an Elephant Trap.

  35. Make sure to agree those moves with the opponent first.

  36. they could just have used the knight

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