You only need 2 openings to build up your chess

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  1. When the white knight is on D5, what if the king moves to D8? They can take the knight when it moves to C7, right? You can't defend with the bishop either.

  2. One of the best dating coaches I’ve ever seen. Don’t know why he talks so much about chess in the meantime though

  3. Absolut genial. "What is the ȘPIL" :D. Nu doar sah ci si comedie

  4. Your videos and courses are very good, things really happen as you teach in the course different from many of Chessable.


  6. So, my problem is this….I watch your videos over and over and am starting to remember what I am to do in various lines, but I cannot get the sound of your voice out of my head as I am playing them. Should I seek help?

  7. What do you play against d4 opening than?

  8. Can u Let Chessible know that the option to join for a year is not working. Thx

  9. if they play NH5 engine says 1 is it still playable? I would like to see the other videos where you played against this but i dont have time to watch 3 videos 1.5h each -_

  10. London and Caro is basically all I play right now

  11. The proper term for more than one mouse is mice.

  12. When can we expect the Jobava Chessable course?? Super excited for that!

  13. sunt incepator si m-am obinuit cu italian game.. daca joc altceva… imi prind urechile.. interesant caro k…

  14. I recently discovered your chanel. This will totally change my POV regarding my openings. And it's a lot of fun also. Thank you

  15. "Let the lady go first, because then, you can obviously look at the booty" lol

  16. My guy talking about the psychology of King's Indian players like it's any different from the psychology of London players.

    The general philosophy is the same: "I'm putting my pieces on these squares every game, no matter what you do, because I want to avoid checkmate and trade down into a winning endgame." 😂

    It's true that either one of those openings can be played in a very aggressive way. They just usually aren't.

  17. Very instructive chess 👍
    the only problem is increase and lower the volume every second 😢sometimes you're so calm, can't hear properly and very next moment you're so louder one can ever imagine

  18. "uh you know you're about to enter a room and there is a lady that's waiting next to you okay always let the lady go first comments and stuff because then you can obviously look at the booty" – IM Alex, 2023

  19. Many white players would open with d4 nowadays, so you need at least one more black opening against that?

  20. "I lose because I have a smol pp but you don't have that problem you'll win"

  21. I'm about 1800, and I still play the London system. Great video Alex!

  22. Mice* 17:20 to 17:30 definitely losing track of English language 😂 and then the quick clap back to my 100 elo chess game 17:45 😭

  23. I play london + karo only and got to 2k elo

  24. Oh i love the 1st trap vs KID. It's a mess for me to play against this opening (i did not work hard your course) hence i like this idea. Not sure to meet the same condition but I will try to keep in mind

  25. Your dog is special. Poor little shit eater.

  26. “I lose because I have a small pp but you guys don’t have that problem so.. you’re gonna win!!” 😂😂😂

  27. I love watching your chess videos Alex! Your funny metaphors and occasional intentional & playful self-deprecating style in addition to your excellent chess mastery make every minute both useful and entertaining! I'm a beginner at chess but I feel like I've learned a lot from you. Thank you so much.

  28. Can you please wipe that little bit of chocolate or coffee off your lip??

  29. alex, alone for your legendary references, i started watching you 😀

  30. As a London player I’ve always struggled against kings Indian this is golden

  31. After knight to D5 King should've gone D8 to defend C7, moving knight to B6 would discover check and black loses the rook anyway, but could block check with knight or bishop and wouldn't have lost. As fast. Either I get a lot of cheaters in my 900 elo or this guy got paid to misplay.

  32. Thanks Alex. I started playing both of them and your videos are very helpful.

  33. get hunted by their toxic EX , nice way to put it 🤣🤣

  34. Straight up , i love your accent and tone. Along with facial expressions, can we be friends?

  35. this guy is very funny, he should be a comedian.

  36. I love these series @AlexBAneza, it would be great if you would continue them for stronger oposition like 1800 to 2000

  37. You definitely don't need to master a dozen openings as a sub-1200 player. I only play the Jobava London and the Czech Pirc (I just like the CP.) If I want to break the monotony then I just play e4 or e5 and look for tactics. It's enough for casual play.

  38. I love Alex's metaphors even when he thinks they don't make sense.

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